Warm Snow Outfit for Fashion Friday

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HI friends we have been having some cold snowy weather lately so I wanted to share my warm snow outfit for fashion Friday. My hubby and I went on a morning walk and it was windy and cold but I was able to stay nice and warm in my outfit.

A warm puffer jacket, turtleneck, jeans, warm boots and gloves are the key.

Warm snow outfit for fashion Friday
Black puffer jacket

I bought this black puffer jacket on Amazon and it on sale for only $27.40! This jacket keeps me totally warm and comfy and it looks great too!

I mean really where can you buy a jacket like this for under $30?

Warm snow outfit for fashion Friday

It has a hood and is really lightweight.

I brought it on my last trip to Italy because it smooshes down to nothing perfect to pack in a backpack or carryon luggage.

Headband for warm snow outfit

Instead of wearing a full hat I love to wear a fun headband. I think I bought this at Target l ast year before we flew to France. It really keeps my head nice and toasty and it looks so cute on! I love the knitted pattern. Here is another cute one from Target that you will love.

My rust colored turtleneck is from a shop in Italy when we were traveling there a few weeks ago. I love the color and thicker knit. It keeps me warm when we are walking around the lake. It kept me really warm while in Italy and London too!

Warm snow outfit for fashion Friday
Winter snow gloves

These are an absolute must haves when there is snow all around. When walking around a cold city or even here just at home my hands need to stay warm. Mammut gloves are AMAZING. I bought these last year at their outlet up in Park City.

They are a bit pricey but well worth the money. Here some others that are not as pricey and seem like they would do the job as well.

Warm snow boots

Looking for some warm snow boots that are like sneakers on your feet? You should really try these sketchers snow boots. Super comfortable to walk all day in!

The fur at the top looks so cute as do the fun laces.

Warm snow outfit for fashion Friday

I love the fact that they are not clunky boots. In fact they are pretty light weight. If I can walk around our lake in comfort and warmth that is a huge win for me!

The total warm winter outfit

I hope this helps you figure out an outfit that will keep you warm in these cold snowy months ahead.

Let me know if I can help you figure out more outfit ideas by leaving me a comment.

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Karins Kottage
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  • Babette Babette on Dec 19, 2022

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing! I see that you seem to be wearing jeans? I have always fround jeans to be so cold and they cold air seems to go right thru them, but I love wearing jeans for casual comfort! How do you stay warm on the bottom? Long underwear underneath? Or maybe the jeans are flannel-lined? Or is the fabric other than denim, is there such a material that could still give the look and feel?

    • J J on Dec 20, 2022

      They make jeans lined with sweatshirt material.

  • Karins Kottage Karins Kottage on Dec 20, 2022

    I wear jeans a lot even in the snow. If I keep my upper body warm and my feet… I don’t notice the cold on my legs. I seem to choose thicker denim to wear in the winter and lighter weight denim the rest of the year. Here in Northern Utah the cold temperatures aren’t as intense as it is back east. We don’t have as much moisture in the air so it doesn’t feel as cold. Hope that helps.