How to Mix Clothes for Winter: 10 Cute Outfits From 10 Basic Items

Holly Power
by Holly Power

Welcome. In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to mix clothes for winter, creating 10 basic winter outfits using just 10 items.

I like to have lots of different basic pieces in my wardrobe because they are essentials when you’re building an outfit, and they’re also very versatile; you can mix and match things with one another, as I’ll be doing here.

All-black classic casual winter outfit

1. Black monochrome

For the first look, I paired a high-neck, long-sleeve gray top with leather high-waisted pants and shiny lace-up books.

Winter outfit with chunky heels

I love the chunky heels because they’re comfortable to wear, and they make the outfit look cool and edgy.

To tie this look all in together, I’m wearing a black denim jacket over the top, which looks trendy and provides a bit more warmth.

Simply gold jewelry with a winter outfit

Accessories I kept simple with some gold hoop earrings and a necklace. The jewelry brings a subtly stylish little feature to the look.

This is such a basic outfit, and the heels dress it up and take it to the next level. Also, the different fabrics of the outfit all work well together and add some more depth to the look.

High-waisted blue denim jeans outfit

2. Casual denim

Another staple piece in my wardrobe are these blue high-waisted jeans, I would definitely be lost without them, and I wear them on repeat, that is for sure.

I have kept the gray long sleeve top on and am wearing a tan, trench-style coat over the top.

Winter outfit with jeans and a trench coat

The next item that I wanted to pair this outfit with is just some white sneakers, and for me, I absolutely love my old-school Vans. You can wear any sort of white shoe with this just to dress the look down a little bit more.

Jeans, white t-shirt, and white sneakers

Basic winter outfit with a plain white tee

3. Plain white tee

The next basic item I’ve got for you is a white t-shirt. I have just kept the blue jeans and the white sneakers because these three pieces together are such a classic.

For added warmth, I’ve added the black denim jacket. 

How to accessorize a basic winter outfit

Lastly, for a pop of color, I have these gorgeous gold earrings with some purple, blue, and pink in the design. These are such a fun accessory that add a bit of personality to the look.

Basic black t-shirt for winter outfits

4. 2 Chainz

Next up, I’m back with the black t-shirt; it makes a great base that you can then layer on top of. I have tucked it into the jeans to give my figure some more shape.

Then, I took a black leather belt to enhance the waistline and make the outfit look more finished. 

Two gold chains as accessories

You’ll know by now that accessories are very important. Here I have two gold chains of different lengths and thicknesses, which make a really cool jewelry stack.

I love this look because it is super basic, but you dress it up by adding simple accessories. Then, of course, just leaving the white vans on as well. 

Tying the trench coat at the waist

5. Add a trench coat

The tan coat finishes this look off. I’ve tied it up at the waist for an elegant silhouette.

How to wear joggers in winter

6. Joggers

Here I’ve switched out the jeans for black joggers. These are super comfy, and they have elastic at the waistband as well as down on my ankles. 

How to elevate joggers and make them stylish

The tan coat and the high-heeled black lace-up boots elevate the look and make it chic and polished. These simple, cozy joggers really are transformed.

Comfy casual winter outfit with loungewear

7. Loungewear 2.0

For another comfy joggers look, I’ve swapped out the coat for a sweater in a light beige.

Styling comfy and casual winter outfits

I’ve put it on with the joggers to make it look like a loungewear kind of look, but it is definitely something that you could wear out of the house.

I tucked it in at the front to just give me a bit more shape, and I’ve kept the lace-up boots on just to dress the look up a bit.

How to make loungewear into an outfit

8. Throw on a denim jacket

Next, I’ve taken my black denim jacket and just thrown it over the top of the sweater to make the outfit a little more put together.

This is so easy and effortless, but the shoes and the jacket make it look like you’ve put a little bit more effort in than you actually have.

Beige top with black joggers for winter

9. Beige top

Last but not least, I’m wearing a brown, long-sleeve top with the same outfit just to show you that there are so many possibilities out there.

How to mix clothes for winter

10. Full winter ensemble

I hope you enjoyed this basic winter outfits lookbook. The great thing about having a wide selection of neutral, basic pieces in your wardrobe is that you can mix and match them and create lots of different outfits.

Go out and get yourself some classic, versatile pieces, and getting dressed in the morning is as easy as ABC.

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