Stretch Your Winter Wardrobe With a Base Layer Top

When the weather turns cold, do some of your beloved wardrobe pieces get put on the back burner until spring – that lovely blouse, your favorite band t-shirt, that cute sundress? They don’t have to. Not with a little bit of sneaky help from a base layer top!

What is a base layer? A performance top made of a breathable material designed for warmth with no added bulk. Many are made of silk or Marino wool blends and can vary in thickness depending on how much warmth you need. The trick is to make sure it’s a base layer and thin so you can wear it under other clothes.

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Wear on Its Own

While many base layers, such as silk, are so thin you can see through them, others are thick enough that you could wear them as a top on their own. This gives you one more option in your wardrobe.

Under a Button-Down Shirt or Blouse

You can still wear your button-down shirts and blouses without covering them up with a sweater. Just wear a base layer top underneath, and nobody will know. Most are so slim fit and thin that they won’t cause any bulk. It’s our little secret!

Under a Sweater

Whether it’s a button-down cardigan or pullover crew or v-neck, a base layer underneath will add extra warmth on those especially cold days. Be sure your base layer is thick enough to wear as a shirt if you have it peeking through under your cardigan. And as a bonus, base layers protect you from the nasty prickles from those itchy wool sweaters!

Under A Graphic T-Shirt

I used to miss wearing my band and graphic t-shirts in the winter because it was too cold to go around in just a t-shirt. With a base layer, you can warm them up but putting them underneath and show your personality all year round! Throw a jean or moto jacket or coat over it for extra warmth.

Under a Dress

Don’t pack away your cute summer dresses in the winter. Just add a base layer underneath. It will give your sleeves where there are none, keep your core warm and not add any thickness to those fitted dresses. You can also put a cardigan over it for extra warmth.

Now that you know a secret to stretching your winter wardrobe and wearing more of your clothes during the winter, how will you style it?

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