How to Look Chic in Winter

Kastle W
by Kastle W

Do you usually go through winter looking like a giant marshmallow in the same puffy coat, jeans, and chunky sweaters? It might be time for a winter wardrobe makeover.

Since moving to a cold climate, I’ve learned to dress more stylishly when freezing weather sets in. This year, I’m challenging myself to banish the marshmallow look and look chic in winter. I put together some ways to dress sharp but stay warm.

Light Colors

I love the crisp look of winter white, but you can also warm things up a bit by dressing in a monochrome look of light neutrals. There’s something about light tans and cream hues that exude a timeless grace, especially when you wear it head to toe. Try light tan or cream slim- or straight-leg pants and a light sweater. Don’t worry if the cream tones don’t exactly match; a slight variation in the shade will add interest as long as the overall look is light and gives the vibe of refined comfort and relaxed sophistication.  Shop ivory-colored pants.

Belted Coats

I really hate losing my hard-earned figure under layers of bulky clothes in the wintertime. One solution is to opt for coats with a belt, such as a belted trench, wrap coat, cargo utility coat, or puffy jacket. Just having the belt cinches in the waistline to give you back your hourglass shape. You’ll look more feminine and chic, even on the coldest days.  Shop belted coat.

Long And Black

There’s something about all-black that never goes out of style. It’s always slimming and chic. In the winter, it can be a lifesaver from the marshmallow look. Opt for a long black wool dress coat (also known as a top coat) over a black turtleneck and leggings. I guarantee this has total supermodel rock star vibes.  Shop black dress coat.

Now that you know how to look chic in winter, which look will you try first?

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