Chic Fall and Winter Lookbook

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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In this fall and winter lookbook, I will show you how you can always look chic and effortless.

Some people find the thick layers a little overwhelming and struggle with styling them.

In this guide, I'm going to share some of my favorite pieces and some ideas to style them in a way that's enhancing rather than overwhelming.

Baggy jeans

1. Baggy jeans

I was skeptical of baggy jeans at first, but then I gave them a chance because I love anything 1980s style.

If you think these jeans will be too overwhelming, the trick is to highlight your waist. 

Baggy jeans

You can also style them with a long blazer or jacket that will elongate your figure. 

Baggy jeans

For a weekend look, baggy jeans look cool with sneakers or boots, but they can also look very polished if you roll up the hems and show off some killer heels.

Baggy jeans

I like to style mine with an aviator jacket and strappy heels that I show off by tying around the jeans.

Silk shirt

2. Silk shirt

A silk shirt is the perfect piece for layering in the colder months. It's comfortable and thin enough to be worn over a turtleneck or bodysuit and underneath a thick coat.

Not to mention, a silk shirt gives your outfit an effortlessly luxurious feel you can't get any other way. I like navy silk shirts because they are a great alternative to black.

Silk shirt

I love the different shades of blue in this outfit together. They look sophisticated and timeless.

Silk dress

3. Silk dress

This dress is very flattering and super comfortable as it’s made from silk. 

Silk dress

A silk dress doesn’t have to be restricted to the warmer months.

It looks beautiful under a jacket or trench coat, but under a knit sweater has to be my favorite way to style it because you can transform it into a skirt and how genius is that?

I also like the contrast of textures.

Fair isle vest

4. Fair isle vest or sweater

These types of sweaters are a classic that came back. I'm a huge fan of classics that turn into trends.

You can tuck these sweaters into your favorite pants or wear them with a satin skirt. The difference in textures gives a luxurious feel to the whole look.

My favorite way to style a vest is to shrug it over a shirt.

Here, the model has pulled out one of the colors from the vest in her shirt and pants.


5. Bodysuit

Bodysuits are so versatile these days, and there are so many different styles of them, too, so you can choose whatever suits you.

If you have a large bust, opt for a deeper decolletage. If you don't like a v-neck, there are other options that will show a little bit of skin around your neck area and elongate that area, making your chest look more proportional. 


There are also jumpsuits with a boat neck, ones that are a little bit more deep and round, or jumpsuits with cutouts.

Pay attention to fit

6. Pay attention to fit

The outfit should fall to the slimmest part of your body. If you're wearing something boxy, it will make your figure look like a box so pay attention to the shape you're creating with your outfit.

In this outfit, I look pretty square and the sweater falls right at the widest part of my hips.

Pay attention to fit

To remedy that, tuck the sweater in or belt it. Or you can wear a layer on top that will be cinched or elongating, something that will counterbalance the boxy shape.

The same thing goes with your sleeves, rolling them up and showing your wrist area can be very slimming. Showing skin in the right places (here, your wrist area) is a great move to create a silhouette that's more flattering and more slimming.

Leather jacket

7. Leather jacket 

A leather jacket is a year-round piece to have in your wardrobe.

This leather jacket falls right at my waist. It is also in a brownish tone which is less harsh than black.

It's the perfect piece to just throw on top of your t-shirt and jeans, it really elevates the outfit.

Leather jacket

You could also dress it up with your favorite little black dress and some heels

Leather jacket

Tuck your shirt into a pencil skirt or pants and throw on a leather jacket for your next chic office look.


8. Layering

Layering it's probably the most exciting styling technique ever. For it to work though, you have to play with thin layers.

Avoid thick fabrics, keep the thick layers for your coat or your outerwear. 

Here, I’ve layered a cardigan on top of a turtleneck and have a coat on top.

Fall and winter lookbook

These pieces will certainly insert the style into your wardrobe. The way that you style them will make all the difference in the way you feel and the way you look.

If you found these tips useful, leave a comment down below!

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