WOW! Move the Food Coloring From the Pantry to Your Makeup Bag!

Are you on TikTok? If so then you’ve probably seen the viral beauty hack video of a girl putting red food coloring on her lips to stain them red. Today I am testing out this hack to see if it works. For this hack I am going to use your everyday food coloring you can find at any grocery store.

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Step one:

Grab any red food coloring.

Step two: 

Put a few drops on your pallet

Step three: 

Rub a q-tip on the food coloring to soak it up and transfer it on your lips

Step four: 

Leave the food coloring on your lips for a few minutes

Step five: 

Wipe off the food coloring


Ok so the hack works.. My lips are definitely red BUT it did leave my teeth a little stain so I had to clean them. Also without lip gloss you can notice where it’s extra red in the creases.

Final step:

Put on some lip gloss for the best look!

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  • Jea48464098 Jea48464098 on Oct 23, 2023

    Us girls used to do that in our 7th grade Home Ec class, back in the '50's, when we were too young to wear lipstick!😂

  • P P on Oct 24, 2023

    Jea48464098, you reminded me of using iodine & mercurochrome on my cheeks, in middle school, before the age my mom allowed make-up! not only was it orangey in daylight & not exactly subtle, it was a drying type of medication so soon, I also had peeling skin on my cheeks - so very attractive!