How to Style Winter Plaid

As part of my WinterStyleChallenge, I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the chilly Winter weather. I do new looks on Instagram and Facebook with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces.

What would Winter be without its trusty plaid? This week I’ll show you tips and tricks on how to think outside the style box when you want to wear your plaid.

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Don’t be afraid to mix your plaids! This tip comes off of my leopard look from last week. Just because you have one plaid piece on doesn’t mean you can’t share the spotlight with another piece. Here I’m wearing a more basic white and black plaid button down with this busier plaid blazer. I wanted to show you a safer version of this mix because I want you to see it really can be done more subtly and is work appropriate for those Zoom meetings

Go crazy! Grab some contrasting plaids to mix and match! Don’t hesitate to find that playful look that says you don’t and won’t hold back

I’ve linked the blazer and jeans through my post as well as suggestions for the button down. Liverpool Jeans has a wide variety of plaid boyfriend blazers in this fantastic Ponte fabric. It’s stretchy and comfy and you can machine wash it (I suggest just hanging it to dry).

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What is it about plaid and denim? I mean, is it NOT the go to look? 

No matter what the denim, it just looks so damn good. So I styled this Rails red white and blue plaid with my favorite denim maxi skirt from Silver Jeans  The darker wash with fading just looks so good with this particular plaid. I added this amazing   BedStü belt and my Frye Taylor western bootie.

I’ve made a few suggestions for Rails plaid button downs and denim skirts on my post for today. I also linked the Dreamweaver belt because it’s an amazing belt to have in your wardrobe. Very versatile and no holes needed since it’s braided!

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You can do more than just wrap a plaid scarf around your neck! 

Today I grabbed my green plaid blanket scarf and turned it into a poncho and keeping it in place with a nice thick belt. It’s very comfy and the belt keeps it from moving around while giving you a waist. With this turtleneck, it was very warm for my outside photoshoot in the snow 

This look isn’t for someone who will be picking things up and moving things around all day, unfortunately. With this style, it somewhat limits your arms from really lifting them high up. So it can be a bit annoying if you are planning on doing manual labor.

You can achieve this look with any blanket scarf so try it out sometime when you’re bored with your sweaters or jackets! It’s really fun!

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When you hear the word “cardigan” the first thought may be a warm sweater, but not all cardigans are the kind of fabric you expect.

When I owned my shop, I had the pleasure to carry a phenomenal handmade brand out of Maine called FX Dressed. After doing a search, I don’t believe she is in business anymore – these cardigans are very unique and any of my former customers who still have them – hold onto them tight!

I styled this plaid flannel drape neck cardigan very simply – with Lysse cotton leggings and a NikiBiki seamless tank that is great for pulling down to cover the nether region . I, again, added a belt because I just love a belt with cardigans!  it’s all about the waistline! And finished the look with a simple  @restrungjewelry and these Frye mid calf boots in redwood 

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I can’t help it – I love Plaid blazers. Maybe it’s a catholic school thing 

Today’s plaid blazer is paired with my Free People Walk Around maxi dress and a big buckled belt to give the look some shape in the form of a waistline. I added some fun boots and cool gold accessories to finish the look.

Don’t forget that blazers aren’t just for that work suit look. They look great with dresses, too. Nothing is more dreamy than a fly away maxi with a blazer and oversized scarf or long tassel necklace.

This is truly a great maxi dress to have in your wardrobe – so I linked it in my post for today along with the exact blazer from Liverpool Jeans – another great piece to own. Both pieces have different color choice, as well.

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