The Ultimate Cold-Weather Clothing Guide: How to Dress for Snow & Ice

Today, I’m putting my small winter wardrobe to the test. This cold-weather clothing guide will show you how to style cute layered outfits for the more freezing of winter days.

As someone who has spent much of her life in some very cold parts of Canada, I definitely have expertise when it comes to dressing for warmth!

Join me for some tips on putting together cold-weather winter outfits.

Thin-gauge Merino wool thermals

1. Thermals

Before we get styling, let’s quickly talk about thermals. These are a must-have if you live in very cold climates. I prefer Merino wool and I go for thin gauges because it's good for layering.

Yes, it’s not the sexiest part of getting dressed in the winter, but it’s better than being freezing all the time.

How to layer outfits for winter

2. Simple layered winter outfit

Here, I’m going for a red crew-neck top, a pair of flattering high-waisted jeans, and a scarf that will keep me warm and hide the thermal peeking from underneath.

The neck is an important body part to keep covered in the cold. I find that if your neck and ankles are toasty, the rest of you will be too!

Cute winter layered outfits

I opted for a tan blazer and accessorized it with a thick brown belt, a watch, and gold jewelry.

Adding accessories might seem pointless when you have to cover them up, but they make all the difference, even if it's just for you.

How to style basic outfits for winter

Each layer should be bigger than the last, so cocoon coats, vintage coats, and oversized boyfriend blazers work well. 

Classic winter fashion

Don’t forget a beanie and gloves! 

Wearing necklaces with lower necklines

How to layer on the bottom

3. Layers on the bottom

If you don’t want to wear a high neck, then go heavier on the bottom and wear a warm knit on top, like cashmere or Merino wool. Pack on the layers by wearing thermals under lined pants, like these leather ones.

To elevate open-neck sweaters, wear your favorite necklaces. I also opted for cute bracelets, rings, and a black belt with gold hardware.

Wearing boots with a rubber sole

Footwear makes or breaks an outfit, in my opinion.

I like to add a rubber sole to the bottom of my boots, even if they're not traditional winter boots. That way, they'll be able to withstand the elements and not get ruined.

Classic and casual winter outfits

For outerwear, I love this cropped black puffer jacket.

How to layer jackets and coats

If you need another layer, add a coat. Here, I’m wearing a vintage wool coat and added gloves for extra warmth. 

Cute winter outfits with boots

I also added a scarf with a loose tie around the neck, so it doesn’t disrupt the attention from my earrings. 

Tartan skirt with a black turtleneck

How to layer on the top

4. Layers on the top

When you want to wear a dress or skirt, then the opposite rule applies. Add more layers on top, including your thermals.

Even though my skirt is short, it’s thick, heavy wool that’s also lined. I went for thigh-high boots to show off my legs and give me that extra layer of warmth. You can also hide thick, high socks underneath.

Adding dainty pearl jewelry for balance

Visually, this is a pretty heavy look. So, I’m going to add accessories that lighten it up, such as pearls. Something soft and dainty will create balance. 

Wearing jackets under coats

Another classic winter fashion trick is wearing a moto jacket or jean jacket under a coat and having the lapels peek out.

This way, you can use the medium-weight jackets in your winter wardrobe and it creates an interesting detail around the neck. 

How to accessorize cold-weather winter outfits

It’s so easy to throw on layers in winter without thinking, so I like to have at least one or two accessories that match a part of my outfit. Think of matching your boots, gloves, and hat.

How to dress for work in the winter

5. Cold-weather workwear

One big challenge is styling winter outfits for corporate environments. Here, I layered tights under wool pants.

Since the pants have more volume, I went for a tighter top by wearing a Merino wool sweater. It fits snugly over my thermals and the mock neck is an interesting detail. 

How to accessorize cold-weather officewear

The workplace is all about polish, so don’t skip out on accessories to elevate your outfit. 

Cute winter outfits with snow boots

For your commute, throw on a pair of thick socks and boots that, if possible, match your pants. Even if you are wearing a pair of snow boots, this elongates your look.

Cute and cozy winter outfits

6. Monochrome

I love monochromatic looks in the winter - they always look put together. My top and bottoms are bulky and oversized, so I tucked in the front part of the sweater to add definition.

Tucking my pants into my socks and having a slim turtleneck peek from under my sweater also adds definition in two other ways. 

Cute winter outfits for the snow

Next, I threw on a contrasting black puffer and a pair of heeled black boots. These boots are comfortable, waterproof, and have a fantastic tread - all important features for cold and snowy weather.

How to layer clothes for extreme cold weather

I stuck to two contrasting colors to make the look feel cohesive and take away from the fact that it’s pretty bulky overall. 

Cold-weather clothing guide

For extra warmth, I added a short jacket, so as not to overwhelm with another oversized layer.

Cold-weather clothing guide

I hope you enjoyed my cold-weather clothing guide. Go for functional items that have a heavy density to keep you warm. Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you again next time. 

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