5 DIY Last Minute Halloween Looks

by Iam.morganb

Halloween is this weekend and I know a lot of things may have been going on that you just did not have time to look for a costume. With work deadlines approaching, birthday parties, school functions, etc. the list just never ends. Well babe, I am here to save the day! I have created 5 DIY last minute Halloween looks so that you are not left out of the costume parties, or trick or treating with the kiddos. Lets get into the looks shall we!

1. Nerd

This look was just a given for me (LOL). I have been watching re-runs of the TV show Family Matters that this was the first look that popped into my mind. This is an easy look and can be done at home instantly. Plaid is such a popular print in the Fall season, you can find these types of pants anywhere. I had these pants in my closet, but I purchased them 2 year ago from my local Walmart for $15 or less.

The white button down shirt I had for years. This shirt was my old faithful interview shirt (lol). Whenever I had a job interview this was my go to shirt. It always came in handy as you can see now. The suspenders I purchased from my local thrift store, Value Village, for $2. The glasses came from a 3D movie I saw last month. I just popped the lenses out and BOOM we have a look!

2. Posh Spice

I do not know about you, but I was a HUGE Spice Girl fan! My favorite Spice girl was Posh spice. I loved her sexy, simple outfits and bougie attitude. I said when I grow up I am going to dress like her and be like her. I am a bit of the opposite, but a girl can dream right! This DIY last minute Halloween look is simple. All you need is a sexy dress, a pair of heels, and a bougie attitude!

I know you have a sexy dress in your closet, but I ran to the thrift store and purchased this dress for $6. I wanted to mimic the purple outfit in the picture above, and the lace matched perfectly for my vision. I really felt like I was part of the group in this outfit.

I paired with my favorite lace up shoes from Steve Madden and kept my look simple. Posh spice did not do very much like the other ladies of the group so I kept the look to a minimal. With this DIY last minute Halloween look you will fit right in with the crowd at the costume party.

3. Hilary Banks

The third DIY last minute Halloween look is Hilary Banks. Her suits were always coordinated well and she had (her dad) a lot of money. To see a black family live in wealth and luxury is a amazing and I want to experience this someday. But in the mean time we can by channeling our inner Hilary Banks with this DIY Halloween look.

The outfit with the hat and shoes were all thrifted from two different Value Villages. The hat was $3, the suit was $8, and the shoes are Steve Madden thrifted for $8 as well. A good deal right! When I seen the suit it screamed Hilary Banks with the coordinated colors and the gold buttons. I knew I had to have it. See another way how I styled this suit in my blog post here.

The gold chain necklace I purchased years ago from the store Bebe. Do you remember that store? They are only online now, but I lived in that store. Especially when they had the Kardashian clothing line… UGH, can you say obsessed! *AHEM* back to the topic at hand… but you can pair pearls or 90’s inspired earrings to this look and you are Hilary girl! Simple, easy, and to the point.

“Daddy, I need $300!”
4. Scary Spice

The fourth DIY last minute Halloween look is Scary spice. She was my second favorite Spice Girl because for one she was black, two her accent because at a young age I did not know black people could have accents, and three she wore my favorite print… leopard. Now that I mention all these attributes that I like about her… she should be my first favorite Spice Girl! That’s it… I’m switching favorites (lol)! But anything with leopard and curly hair can be pulled off as Scary spice.

This is another thrifted look for me (can you tell I love the thrift store). The shirt was $5 and the shorts were $7. The boots were purchased from Charlotte Russe last year for only $15! They always have good deals and great jeans. I only buttoned the top button to give the sex appeal look like Scary spice did in the above picture.

This look is great to wear with your daughter trick or treating and you two can match together. Also, if you are not feeling the Scary spice look, you can turn the look into a cat by adding ears and drawing on some whiskers. “Style Up” the look either way you choose.

5. Sexy Army Soldier

The final DIY last minute Halloween look is a sexy army soldier. Camouflage is another popular print in the Fall, and can be purchased anywhere. My entire look, again, is a thrifted outfit. The jacket was $12, the shorts were $8, the boots were $8, and the hat was $3.

I am a big fan of camouflage and I wanted to incorporate it in my Halloween looks. Plus the colors are a must for this Fall season. Read more about that on my blog post here. To add more sex appeal to the look, you can add fishnet stockings.

Style Tip: If you do not want to be sexy, add camo or olive green pants to the look instead

That is it for the 5 DIY last minute Halloween looks. Most of these looks you should already own in your closet, but If not your local thrift store, Walmart, Target, etc. can help you achieve these looks. Also, utilize your husband or boyfriends closet because they have great items too! I hope you enjoyed these looks and that they gave you some inspiration to dress up at the last minute. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @iam.morganb, to see these costumes in action with reels. Let me know in the comments what you think of these looks. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! “Style Up” babe… talk to you soon!

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