10 Last Minute DIY Costumes for Halloween

Adonia Bree
by Adonia Bree
20 Minutes

If you’re in need of some fantastic, last minute DIY Halloween costumes, then this simple styling tutorial is perfect for you. Using items many of us already have in our closets, I’m going to show you 10 stylish Halloween costumes that you can quickly pull together this year. Let’s get started.

Sexy pirate Halloween costume

1. Sexy pirate Halloween costume 

For this first last minute Halloween DIY costume, I threw together a sexy pirate Halloween outfit. For this look, I combined a striped shirt with a head scarf, a corset belt, and fitted shorts. For the finishing touches, I added hoop earrings and a pair of boots.

Mime Halloween costume

2. Mime Halloween costume

For this second look, I created a fun mime Halloween costume, combining a striped shirt with a beret, black pants, a neck scarf, and suspenders. I’d also recommend looking up a tutorial for mime makeup to really pull this look together.

Hello Kitty costume for Halloween

3. Hello Kitty costume

One of my favorite Halloween looks is this Hello Kitty costume! I thrifted a pair of white cat ears, pairing it with a red skirt that was already in my closet. I added a white t-shirt and white thigh-high socks. To accessorize the look, I added a red lunch box.

Scarecrow Halloween costume

4. Scarecrow Halloween costume

For this easy, scarecrow Halloween costume DIY, I combined a straw hat with a plaid top and overalls. For the finishing touches, add craft straw to your pockets and the tops of your boots. Or, like me, simply cut a brown paper bag up into strips. 

Flapper Halloween costume

5. Flapper Halloween costume 

For this fun flapper DIY look, I paired a fringe dress with a feather headband, fishnet tights, and long gloves. To accessorize, you could also add a rhinestone choker.

Fairy costume

6. Fairy costume

To create this fabulous fairy costume, I started with a fringe dress and layered a corset and an off-shoulder top over it. To complete the look, I added a pair of fairy wings. 

Unicorn costume for Halloween

7. Unicorn costume

I put together this quick and fun unicorn look by combining a horn headband with a fluffy pastel-colored jacket which I wore over a pastel-colored outfit. To complete the costume, I added some fun, holographic accessories. 

Galaxy girl costume

8. Galaxy girl costume

By combining metallic clothing with crystal tights, make-up jewels, and sparkly boots, I created this awesome galaxy girl costume. To bring the look together, I styled my hair in space buns. 

Wildcat costume

9. Wildcat costume

A cat costume is a Halloween classic. For this look, I paired an animal print dress with cat ears, a choker, and a lace bralette. If you're likely to get cold during your Halloween celebrations, add a fur coat to your costume. 

Survivor halloween costume

10. Survivor Halloween costume

This cool survivor Halloween costume is super easy to pull together. Simply combine a camo print dress with a matching parka jacket, a headband, and a pair of black boots.

Last minute diy halloween costumes

These last minute DIY Halloween costumes are simple but super effective. If you have a favorite look, let us know! You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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