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Creating a last-minute Kids Frankenstein Costume is quick and easy with Oly*Fun by Fairfield World!

My niece is constantly changing her mind through the month of October as to what she wants to be for Halloween. So, Oly*Fun is the perfect material to make all of her dreams come true! Playtime and creative time are so important for kids of all ages and I love that Josie still wants to craft with me. She drew and cut out all of Frank’s features and then helped me sew them on.

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Costume

Here’s what you need to create a Last-Minute Costume:

Here’s how to make a Frankenstein Costume:


Oly*Fun yardage on the bolt is 60″ wide and comes folded in half, so I took advantage of that fold to create this over-the-head costume. Measure and cut a 24″ width of the folded Kiwi Oly*Fun, then determine the child’s head size (we used a mixing bowl for an easy circular template). Lay the circular template down half on and half off at the center of the folded edge. Trace with a permanent marker and cut out. Measure and cut a rectangle of Jet Black Oly*Fun 24″ wide by 12″ tall. Cut out the neck hole from the top and cut jagged triangles from the bottom. Lay the base fabric flat (not folded) and pin the hair onto the base. Sew a straight stitch around the sides and top, but leave the hairline unsewn.


Cut out features from Snow White and Jet Black Oly*Fun. For the eyes, we again used mixing bowls, one 8″ and one 9″, overlapping in the center. The nose was an 8″ by 6″ rectangle that was roughly cut into the letter “L”. For the mouth, Josie cut a zig-zag from a 6″ by 18″ rectangle.

Pin the features onto the unfolded front of the costume, hiding the top of the nose under the eyes. Stitch features onto Frank’s face using a sewing machine and white thread.


Roughly cut out bolts from 8″ by 8″ squares into the letter “T”, two from Snow White and one from Jet Black. Layer the black in the middle of the white to create a grey color, and then sew layers together.


Fold Frank back in half and pin bolts 6″ up from the bottom. Pin both sides leaving a 10″ opening at the top for arms. See the red guidelines in the photo below. Then stitch the sides closed with a sewing machine and white thread. Because this costume slips over the head, leave the top of the costume open for the head and the bottom open for the legs.


The final step is adding black glitter pupils to Frankensteins’s eyes, which was totally Josie’s idea! Insert a piece of cardboard under the eye area, add circles of liquid glue and then sprinkle on the black glitter. Set aside to dry overnight.

Josie just loves her quick and easy Kids Frankenstein Costume so much that as soon as we were done with the photoshoot she ran around the neighborhood showing it off to all of her friends!

Since Oly*Fun by Fairfield World is tear and fade resistant she can play in this costume and it won’t fall apart. I even received a few requests for costumes from her friends, so I’m thinking that a Ghost and Jack-O-Lantern are in my near future!

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Suggested materials:
  • Oly*Fun by Fairfield World   (Amazon)
  • Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine   (Amazon)

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