DIY an Easy, Leather Strap Tube Apron

by Saltymom
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40 Minutes

If you’re like me, you hate wasting fabric scraps. Rather than throw them away, I decided to DIY the most amazing tube apron from old fabric I had in the house. I love spending time in the kitchen and this apron has become my best friend! It also works perfectly for keeping my clothes safe during other DIY and craft projects. If you want to learn all the tips and tricks to making the awesome leather strap tube apron, my tutorial is what you need! Follow my simple, step-by-step instructions, and DIY your own gorgeous tube apron.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Screw on studs
  • Leather straps
  • Elastic
Apron with leather straps
Sew the fabric together

To make this gorgeous apron, I used some pretty scrap fabric that I already had at home. To make sure I would have enough, I sewed two squares from the fabric pieces I had. To sew all the pieces together, I used a French seam. I sewed a straight stitch, cut off the excess fabric, and then turned the fabric over and sewed along the edge of my seam. 

Hem the edges

Once I had two square pieces, big enough for the tube apron. I sewed the sides together using a French seam as well. I then hemmed the raw edges of the tube for a nice, clean finish. 

Leather strap apron top
Pleat the front

Next, it was time to fit the tube apron on my body. I pulled it on and made sure the side seams remained on the sides. I then pinned pleats where the straps would go. I had a pin in the center so that everything would be equal and look professional. I took the apron off and sewed down the pleats. 

DIY leather strap apron
Add elastic

At the back of the apron, I snipped two small holes where the straps would attach. 

Thread the elastic through

I inserted an elastic band into the two, small holes I had just made and sewed the edges to the fabric. I also made sure to sew the small holes closed.

Add studs
Add the straps

Next, I made two small holes on the back where the straps would be. I inserted a mushroom rivet screw-on stud into each hole. I repeated the same on the front of the apron.

Easy leather strap apron

I attached my leather straps by creating small holes in the leather and pushing them over the studs. 

How to make a leather strap apron

These tube aprons are so much fun and really easy to make! What other easy DIY apron ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
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  • Gradmama Gradmama on Dec 24, 2020

    It would be fun to add pockets and sections on the a tool belt... to hold kitchen, or gardening things, crafts too.

  • Rynn Rynn on Dec 24, 2020

    Such a cute idea which also seems do-able and useful. So many possibilities! LOVE!