Making a DIY Apron For One Dollar

Aprons are too cute sometimes, but they can most definitely be on the pricier side for some. Thus, I went on over to the Dollar Tree, one of my favorite locations, and picked myself up some bandanas. In short, I used these bandanas to create a DIY Apron for only $1!! Furthermore, the most enjoyable part of this DIY is that it’s customizable. Moreover, you can accessorize it in a variety of ways, as an example, I used bows to embellish the apron but you could add buttons, jewels or stitching to make it yours! Bandanas can be so versatile with their patterns, so you could get bandanas that are themed for the different seasons or holidays. Read along to find out how I made this possible, and if reading isn’t for you, you can watch the video replay! -->

Firstly, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bandanas (2 pack)
  • Hot glue
  • RIbbon
  • Scissors

At this time you’ll want to fold the pieces where a ‘seam’ would be if we were sewing them together. We’re not sewing them, but folding them over like so eliminates length and creates a nice folded area for later steps.

Following that, hot glue the pieces together along the areas that were folded. Because this is fabric, make sure to press down on the fabrics after glueing to ensure the pieces stay together.

Of course, you’ll need to add a waistband to the middle of your apron. To add mine, I used some ribbon I already had. To do this, hot glue the ribbon to the middle of the bandanas.

Lastly, I hot glued a smaller ribbon onto the top to create a halter top to the DIY apron. In order to make it cute, I created two bows to attach to either side.

In conclusion, I hope you loved this DIY apron. Especially since it’s so affordable and simple to make. Make sure to  check us out on Facebook for all LIVE videos and giveaways! Also,  we’re on Instagram posting even shorter videos and final product pictures! Not to mention that you can save all of our crafts on Pinterest! In addition to that, if you’re on tiktok, we’re there too! Thank you for reading, if you loved this DIY, check out the rest of the blog for more like it!

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  • Jan Jan on Jun 27, 2021

    What a clever idea. Since they come in dif colors, u can have Bandana aprons for all holidays. Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing

  • Mary Njus Mary Njus on Jul 10, 2021

    Very cute! Love your pigtails too. Was thinking some might be able to wear it over a tank top and use it as a top or bathing suit topper.