DIY Macrame Feather Keychain

10 Minutes

Hello DIY Lovers!

We will make a diy macrame leaf keychain.

I've prepared almost everything what you need to make this keyring in this post. Video tutorial, free patterns with images, what size macrame string for leaf design keychain, some keychain prices on Etsy or Amazon.

Let’s get started!

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Make a Macrame Feather Keychain

Make one for yourself after watching this video. I have prepared a detailed step by step video tutorial. You can watch here:

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DIY Macrame Leaf Keychain Tutorial

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Supplies, Tools Or Materials:

The fundamental supplies are 4mm cotton cord and 1 clasp. Tools you need: scissors, comb, tape measure, tape.

My advices for supplies below.

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Cord Lengths

24*20cm (7.8″)

25cm (9.8″)

Free Macrame Leaf Keychain Pattern

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Easy step by step pattern for macrame leaf keychain. Clear photos. Let’s make it yourself.

Make a Lark’s Head Knot with 9.8″ rope

Get one 7.8″ rope like that

Get the other 7.8″ rope

Tie two ropes oppositely

It looks like that when you finish the knot

Make same knots for other 10 ropes

Comb the ropes

Cut the ropes

The feather keyring is ready!

If you want to buy a ready one

The price of a macrame leaf keyring ranges from $6.30 to $19.69 on ETSY and amazon. I’d like to offer you several examples of leaf keyring prices. Because prices fluctuate, you can check the current price by clicking on the photos below.

Pink Macrame Leaf Keyring on Amazon

See on amazon

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