How to Elevate Your Look: 8 Simple Ways To Dress Better

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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Want to know how to elevate your look? You’ve come to the right place. Here I’m going to share with you eight style tricks that really make a difference. Get ready to learn how to get that instant elevation.

How to style belts

1. Belts

The first hack has to do with belts. I find that when wearing a belt with a more loose-fit pair of pants, the holes might be ok, but when it comes to wearing the belt with a more tight-fitted pair of pants, the holes might be too loose.

To remedy this, I will mark a spot to work out where the hole needs to be and then cut a small hole with my scissors. Doing this will ensure that your belts fit you just right and cinch your waist exactly how you want them to.

How to wear long pants

2. Long pants

My second tip has to do with really long trousers. I have a pair of blue, high-waisted, wide-leg long trousers that I adore, but the issue is that if I don’t wear them with a belt, they will drop down a little bit, and the bottom of the pants will sweep the floor.

Wearing kitten heels with long pants

To prevent that from happening, you should go for a pair of kitten heels. A pair of kitten heels will prevent you from looking slouchy, and just by gaining just a few centimeters, you will get more of an elegant and elevated look.

How to do a cross-tuck

3. Shirts

Next up is a tip for how you should style your shirt. When I discovered the cross-tuck technique, it blew my mind. To achieve this look, you take material from one side of the shirt, bring it across and tuck it into the other side of your pants.

A cross-tuck is so much more chic and flattering than the standard front-tuck and will add a trendy element to your everyday look.

How to pick the right clothing size

4. Clothing sizes

My fourth tip might come as a no-brainer and is related to clothing sizes. If you are between two clothes sizes, go for the larger one that is a little oversized on you.

This is because the oversized effect will give you a more flattering appearance compared to wearing body-hugging clothes that might appear a little bit cheap. So if you’re in between two numbers, always go after the bigger one as it will make a difference for the better.

Kitten heels

5. Heels

This next tip is probably something that you’ve heard before, but I cannot stress how much it makes a difference. The tip is instead of going for flat shoes, opt for a heel instead. I specifically recommend getting a pair of kitten heels.

If you’re not a fan of wearing heels on an everyday basis, kitten heels will instantly elevate your look but yet it looks really effortless, like you haven’t even tried to look good. Walking in kitten heels is also really comfortable; the heel is so low that your feet won't get achy. 

Rolling up black pants

6. Black pants

The next style tip is related to black pants. I have here a pair of ankle-cut black pants, and I think they look particularly stylish when I roll them up once.

Rolling your pants up, especially when they have this more cropped cut, will add such an effortless touch to your overall appearance and will look like you put some thought into your look. This is a small touch, but it makes a huge difference.

How to elevate your style

7. Bags

Another trick that I’ve been loving is with regard to bags. Many bags come with these leather sections on the chain, and I think that this can honestly ruin the appearance. If I am wearing a white outfit without any black elements in it, I don’t want this black to be popping out.

How to elevate an outfit

To remedy this, you can open up your purse, place the black leather section inside and then close the bag.

Fashion and style hacks

Then just pull the rest of the chain up, and you get a bag without that black part showing.

Purse hack

Here I have another bag with a white leather section on the chain. Something else you can do is close this part inside the bag.

How to elevate your look

Then pull out the straps on either side, and you have a cute bag like this.

How to wear scarves in a stylish way

8. Scarves

Another option is to tie a scarf to your purse. Scarves are such a beautiful detail that you can bring into your outfit to elevate your look, and I love scarves because they are so feminine.

You don’t just have to wear your scarf on the bag; you can also wear them around your neck. I think that one of the most effective ways to wear a scarf is to not do anything with it.

There are many ways that you can style a scarf but just placing it around your neck and letting it flow down loosely, for me, is one of the most effective ways to add a stylish touch to your look.

How to elevate your look

I hope you will implement all of these small details into your everyday style, and I truly believe that all of these tips can help us to look and dress better. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips to help elevate your look. 

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