Lookbook Tutorial: How to Style Skinny Jeans

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic
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In this lookbook, I’m going to show you how to style skinny jeans.

It’s true, baggy jeans are very in right now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do away with your skinny ones. Skinny jeans are a timeless fit that will always have a treasured place in my wardrobe.

Black and white

1. Black and white

Here, I went with a very basic look by styling black skinny jeans with an oversized white button-down.

I didn’t want to do anything with the shirt, so I just let it fall down loosely. The loose fit of the shirt contrasts nicely with the tight jeans.

On my feet, I have black strappy sandals, and to accessorize, I have a YSL bag.

This has got to be one of the easiest ways of styling your skinny jeans. It is stylish yet effortless and nonchalant. 

2. Black base

Here, I’m wearing the same black skinny jeans but popped on a black top to create a monochrome base.

When wearing a top and bottoms in the same color, it’s always a good idea to add a belt to highlight your waist and the separation between the two pieces.

On top, I’m wearing a beautiful creamy oversized blazer, once again, the large fit of the blazer juxtaposes well against the skinny bottoms and creates a balanced look.

I also rolled up my jeans to show a bit more skin around the ankle area.

Silk blouse

3. Silk blouse

Here, I’m wearing black jeans with some beautiful ballet flats and a silky champagne shirt. I tucked it in at the front to accentuate my waist and then just let it fall down loosely at the back.

I really like how my ballet flats match the top, and my bag matches the jeans. Altogether, this outfit looks very coordinated.

Beige accents

4. Beige accents

This is the same look, but I switched out the ballet flats for some kitten-heel slide-on sandals in beige. I also swapped the bag for a woven straw bag that is perfect for warmer days.

Instead of the shirt being tucked in, here I’ve left it to fall down loosely.

This is so easy and relaxed yet chic. The beige shoes and bag add a really gentle and soft touch to this look.

5. Oversized blazer

Here, I’ve paired black skinny jeans with some staples in my wardrobe - a simple white top with an off-white blazer over it.

On my feet, I have a pair of white sandals.

If you want to style skinny jeans with a blazer, it is very important that you go for an oversized one and not a figure-hugging one.

Two tight pieces in your outfit won't provide enough difference that you need for an outfit to look harmonious. It will also have the effect of making your skinny jeans look outdated and unattractive.

Light blue wash jeans

6. Light blue wash jeans

Now I have some examples to show you of how we can wear skinny jeans in a light blue wash.

These jeans fall lower on the waist than the black ones, so are a slightly different fit. I’ve paired them with some sandals and a linen shirt which I’ve styled in a half tuck.

To accessorize, I’m wearing my straw bag. The linen shirt ties in really well with the bag as they are both made from natural fibers.

Skinny jeans with sneakers

7. Skinny jeans with sneakers

Here, I wanted to create something more casual. I’m wearing a white button-down shirt and my favorite white sneakers.

I tucked the shirt in all the way around and then pulled it out a bit to make it look more casual and undone. This is a great relaxed, weekend look.

8. Dressed up

For a more formal occasion, you can go for the following look. I’m wearing black heels, a black top, and a cream blazer.

I went for the three-color rule, so I have blue, black, and a cream tone. Because they are all neutral, they are easy to pair together. You can always combine pieces in these tones, and they will always look very nice together.

I really like the high contrast of the lightly colored blazer against the dark top.

How to style skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a staple piece in my wardrobe, and I hope you enjoyed seeing how I like to wear mine and perhaps picked up some styling inspiration along the way.

Looser-fitting jeans are on trend at the moment, but it’s great to add variety to your wardrobe and alternate between different jeans styles.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave a comment and check out my post on How to Elevate Your Look: 8 Simple Ways to Dress Better.

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  • Jea48464098 Jea48464098 on Nov 30, 2022

    Are skinny jeans just for skinny girls, or is there a way us heftier gals could benefit from them?

    • Jan E Jan E on Dec 14, 2022

      I thought they were called skinny jeans because they are narrow at the ankle…nothing to do with body size.

  • Bobby Hall Bobby Hall on Jan 13, 2023

    I enjoyed your talk about skinny jeans I am 71 and I wear them kind of like you are showing. So Im glad to know I am doing something right. Thank you.