Fashion Tutorial: How to Style a White T-shirt and Jeans

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In this tutorial I will share how to maximize classic wardrobe essentials: specifically, how to style jeans and a white t-shirt for different occasions.

These timeless outfit ideas for date night or any occasion show how much of a wardrobe basic and staple jeans and a t-shirt are. I’ll also show you how to accessorize them with jewelry to bring your look up a notch.

Classic and elevated jeans and t-shirt style

1. Classic and elevated jeans and t-shirt style

For this polished, tailored look, choose straight-legged jeans and tuck in your classic white t-shirt.

There is low contrast between the jeans and t-shirt, and I want to maintain that low contrast throughout the body of the outfit. So, for this look, I will introduce the contrast in my footwear and choose a pair of flat, black slingbacks.

I am specifically not adding a belt, because that would pull the focus in, and compete with the contrast of my shoes.

I did add some bold, classic sunglasses, and my put-together, fitted classic jeans and t-shirt style is complete!

Casual and athletic jean and t-shirt style

2. Casual and athletic jean and t-shirt style

The elements of style that come with a casual and athletic look include a looser, off-body fit for your jeans, then the straight-legged jeans that were in the classic style.

Alternatively, you could opt for a very tight fit instead of the classic straight leg. That brings out the athletic vibe.

For the casual, athletic style I am keeping my t-shirt untucked.

Knot tied in front of t-shirt for casual look

You could also tie a little knot in the front of the t-shirt for a different sort of casual look.

Outfit paired with sleek backpack

Running shoes will add some weight at the bottom of this look, and you can balance that out with a ball cap and backpack. 

Retro-style jeans and t-shirt

3. Retro-style jeans and t-shirt

For this retro style, I am switching up the silhouette of the denim jeans and opting for some vintage Levi jeans with a higher waistline and a pin-rolled cuff on the leg. This gives the jeans a retro balloon effect.

The running shoes from Style 2, or the black and white flats shown above, both give a retro feel to this style.

Big hoops to add to the retro look

A big pair of hoop earrings adds to the retro look.

Romantic jeans and t-shirt style

4. Romantic jeans and t-shirt style

The main elements that come to mind when we think about a romantic look are softness, flowy movement and some body definition.


For this romantic jeans and t-shirt look, I tucked in my t-shirt and used a soft, flowy scarf as a belt.

Accesorizing with a scarf and pearl earrings

You could also use the scarf in your hair, and pair it with some romantic white pearl earrings.

Jeans and a t-shirt for business-casual

5. Jeans and a t-shirt for business-casual

As many of us are going back to the office these days, with a potentially more casual office culture than before, it’s great to be able to repurpose some of your weekend clothes for office wear.

The business-casual look is a lot like the classic, elevated style in the first look of this tutorial. So, I went back to my straight-legged jeans, with my t-shirt tucked in.

I added a wide belt and a fitted blazer in a neutral color so you don’t create too much contrast.

Jeans and a t-shirt for business-casual

Adding the simple black and white flats plays off the bright white of the t-shirt, while the sharpness of the toe looks more polished than romantic. A professional looking bag and watch, complements the business-casual look.

How to style a white t-shirt and jeans

How to style a white t-shirt and jeans

What's your favorite way to style jeans and the best white t-shirt?

Leave a comment to let me know, and also tell me which styles you tried from this tutorial.

If you want more videos about styling basic wardrobe combos, let me know that, as well!

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