Three Easy Ways To Personalize Your Reusable Face Mask

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Due to the current global pandemic, we’re all getting used to wearing face masks when we leave the house. It’s very important that we wear REUSABLE and WASHABLE face masks in order to keep littering and landfill waste to a minimum.

But just because we are covering our faces, doesn’t mean we can't still showcase who we are!

Here are three easy ways to personalise your reusable face mask…

Glue on Flowers

I LOVE this look and it goes along with my love of the environment. You can literally glue on ANYTHING that represents who you are.

I found these flowers and leaves at a local craft store in the “scrapbook” section. With the help of a little glue, I had an attention-grabbing unique face mask. 

And now, you can too!

Add a Chain

Adding a chain to the face mask is an editorial way to bring your love of high fashion into the practical garment we all have to wear these days. I used small jewelry rings to link a chain necklace that I already owned to elastic bands at the bottom of the mask. SO EASY!!!

And you can turn this back into a necklace whenever you’d like (we love multi-purpose items here)

Fabric Paint

This is by far the easiest way to make your face mask your own. Using fabric paint pens, draw on anything… literally ANYTHING you’d like. 

Is there a message you want to spread? A design you like? Even if you’re not an artist, simple details, like polka dots, can make your mask more adorable than the rest.

And there you have it! Three easy but fun ways to stand out in a crowd of covered faces.

Which one will you try?


Ms. Melior

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