How to Make This Rustic & Vintage-Inspired DIY Beaded Headband

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a DIY beaded headband with wooden beads. This vintage-style beaded headband design is really easy to make and you can play around to create a truly unique pattern. Keep reading to learn how to make beaded headbands.

Tools and materials:

  • Basic headband
  • Paper ribbon
  • Wooden beads (7 large, 20 medium, 20 small)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Brown linen
Preparing the paper ribbon and beads

1. Cut the paper ribbon

Cut a piece of paper ribbon that is equal to the length of your basic headband. Mine was 37cm (14.5 inches). 

Threading the beads onto the paper ribbon

2. Add the beads

Now, starting from the smallest beads, thread the first 10 wooden beads onto your paper ribbon. 

Adding medium-sized wooden beads

Then, add 10 of the medium wooden beads. 

Adding the large wooden beads

Next, add all 7 of the largest wooden beads. 

Threading more wooden beads onto the string

Lastly, add the rest of the wooden beads, working from the medium beads, to the smallest. 

Beaded headband design

This is what it should look like. 

Wrapping paper ribbon around the headband

3. Wrap the headband with paper ribbon

Now, add a drop of glue to the end of the plastic headband with a hot glue gun. Then, take your paper ribbon, and wrap the paper ribbon around the headband. 

Applying hot glue to the headband

Work in increments, so add glue, then wrap the ribbon, then add some more glue. If you add glue to the whole headband, it will dry out by reaching the other end. Continue this process until you reach the other end. 

Gluing the beaded design to the headband

4. Glue the beads to the headband

Using hot glue, stick the string of wooden beads onto the headband. First, attach it to the bottom right corner, and then move onto the left side. 

Tip: Don't add the beads from the very end of the headband, as remember this may annoy you as this section is placed behind your ears. So, start a few inches up. 

Adjusting the top of the beaded headband

5. Adjust the position

Put your headband on any circular object. Here I'm using an embroidery loop. This will help you adjust the position of the top wooden beads. I wanted the larger beads to lift off the headband, as shown.

Gluing the top beads in place

Now carefully, add more glue to the top of the beaded headband and stick the medium-sized beads down. 

Covering the headband ends with brown linen

6. Cover the headband ends

Take two pieces of brown linen, cut them into 2cm x 1.5cm (0.75 inches x 0.6 inches) squares, and cover the edges of the headband for a cleaner look. 

Gluing the brown fabric to the headband

Wrap each square around the visible plastic portion of the headband and use a glue gun to stick it down. 

DIY beaded headband

DIY beaded headband tutorial

Here's the final result of the DIY beaded headband! I love this rustic, vintage design. I think this accessory would complement lots of different outfits.

Let me know what you think about this tutorial on how to make beaded headbands in the comments.

Suggested materials:
  • Basic headband
  • Paper ribbon
  • Wooden beads (7 large, 20 medium, 20 small)
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