How To Make A DIY Beret

3 Materials
40 Minutes

Do you have an artistic side? Of course, you do, you’re a sewing enthusiast so it’s a given. Well, what do you think about bringing that artistic side out into the open? With a cool beret!

Berets will never go out of fashion, nor will they lose that stylish appeal that’s specific for them. That’s why you should own at least one of them, otherwise, you’ll be committing a crime. A fashion crime!

You can make yourself a beret fast and easy, let’s find out how right away.

Download the free beret pattern and Cut the fabric

Download and trim the paper pattern first.

Fold the fabric in half and place the pattern pieces onto the fold. Cut around the pattern.

icon Get the free pattern here: French beret sewing pattern

Repeat the process with the lining fabric.

You will end up with a circle and a donut fabric piece from each type of fabric.

Assemble the beret parts

Place the main fabric donut piece onto the circle with their right sides facing each other. Align and pin the edges.

Sew around the fabric to join the layers together. Use a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Repeat the entire process with the lining fabric as well.

If you want a stem on your beret, add it now. Fold a short fabric strip in half and sew it onto the center of the main fabric piece.

Sew the beret

Snip each fabric piece all around the outer edge.

Turn the main fabric piece inside out and place it inside the lining piece.

Stitch the two pieces together around the opening with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Leave a gap unstitched for turning.

Finish the beret

Turn the beret inside out through the unstitched gap. Fold the raw edges of the gap in and press them. Sew the opening shut by hand with a ladder stitch.

Press the whole beret flat one more time and it will be ready to go on your head!

We hope you enjoyed this project!

Get the free beret pattern over at Hellosewing and make your DIY french beret today!

We’ll have more new tutorials soon so don’t forget to drop by. Have fun wearing your new stylish beret!

Suggested materials:
  • Felt
  • Silk, sating or cotton lining
  • Thread

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