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by Emma Does Fashion

Who would've thought, when we were judging Emily in Paris for her terrible French and questionable outfits, that the show would be in its 3rd season and the fashion would suddenly become... well, amazing?! Parisian fashion was already huge on Instagram and the Netflix show has inspired thousands of stylish creators to play with their wardrobes and create French-themed looks.

The quickest way to look French? A beret!

Of course it's important to mention that in Paris, no one actually wears a beret. It's the quickest way to look like a tourist! But fashion is about having fun and the beret is an easy way to do that.

If one statement accessory isn't enough, add a pair of sheer polka-dot tights for extra interest. Having 2 statement accessories works as long as they match each other (both of mine are black - tick!) and the rest of your outfit stays fairly minimal. Yes, this dress has rose-gold bows on it, but they are fairly subtle and the silhouette of the dress is very classic, so it works.

This could be a very fussy outfit so I've added heeled ankle boots to balance out the ultra-femininity of the tights and dress.

If you're wondering how to actually put on the beret, I find the best technique is to not think about it. If you spend ages worrying at it and trying to get it in the right position, you'll be there forever - plus it will move around during the course of the day anyway. I like to just pop it on and go.

A black beret is definitely going to get the most wear, but if you really want a statement colour, make sure there is something else in your outfit that matches it, so it doesn't look random. For instance, in the above outfit, you could wear a red beret to mirror the red running through the checked scarf.

The beauty of a beret is that it adds interest to any outfit. Aside from the polka dot tights, this outfit is my uniform in winter - a dark green coat, boots and a scarf, and what's underneath is usually covered. A beret adds a little something extra and turns an outfit from something ordinary to something extraordinarily stylish!

To look extra Parisian, a bold red lip is an added must.

If you're ever unsure what sort of outfit to style up with a beret, here is your failsafe: a lightweight knit and mini skirt with boots. I also like to add a scarf a) for extra warmth and b) because it helps to cover my thighs a little more!

This is a classic look for the colder months which is feminine without being too fussy. Emily in Paris would style a beret with a colourful tweed co-ord, but since the beret is already making a statement, try going for more neutral, classic outfits to pair it with.

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