7 Helpful Options Showing Which Necklace for V Neck Openings

it’s true how some lengths of necklaces seem better with certain necklines. Yet, many of the pieces we have can either be shortened, lengthened, or somehow changed to make it work.

You'll see what I mean with the yellow necklace below.

The v neck dress

While I'll be sharing 5 options here (and there are 2 more great options on my blog) don't forget you are the boss of your clothes and can make many of the necklaces you already have work for your v-neck item.

Don’t forget to check out options for a cowl neck top and a crew neck top too.

Insider tip: Did you know there are extenders available (on Amazon) to make some of your necklaces and bracelets longer?

I hope you try all of your necklaces and don’t get bogged down thinking there is a right or wrong way. There should be many options depending on what you are trying to say with your look and how you feel that day!!

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Delicate Necklaces

I'm showing how your delicate necklace can be worn both inside the v-neck and extend beyond the opening.

Delicate necklace for v neck outfit

What I will say about these options, is you are putting the emphasis on the dress and your body. For example, this dress is a tad low cut for my usual liking.

If you want to have all eyes on the dress, then this is the way to go.

A delicate long necklace for v neck accessory

Choker necklace for v neck dress

Statement Necklace for V Neck

These next 3 examples are showing bigger necklaces with the same dress going from shorter to mid-length to longer.

By adding a statement necklace, you are having the focus be on the necklace not as much on the dress. I also think you are giving a clue about your personality with these necklaces. Or making a statement as the name suggests.

Insider tip: Think about contrasting color necklaces instead of always matching. Especially if the necklace hangs over your top. If the color contrasts it will show up better.

Want to see how we wore the SAME necklace with different colors?

How to Wear Necklaces with Different Colors

Statement necklace

A long statement necklace for v neck

Insider tip: Do you ever have a necklace that gets caught on your girls when you move or just doesn’t hang right? This yellow one is like that for me, so I added one of my clear elastic bands to hold it together as shown. You can use these bands to shorten a necklace behind your neck also.

Or if you're trying to shorten a delicate necklace, try this trick instead.

Which necklace for v neck tops?

Make sure to check out my site for 2 more options of necklaces for this v-neck dress.

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