How to Style a Brooch: 5 Unique Ways You Can Wear a Kitschy Brooch

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you five different ways to style a kitschy vintage-inspired brooch. The brooches I’m using are made from resin, and all have a vintage circus aesthetic, which I adore. Let's get started!

1. Brooch on a hat

Dog brooch on a circus ball

The first brooch is this adorable dog balancing on a circus ball. I really love the use of use of glitter; it’s so lovely and gives the brooch an extra pop, but it's not over the top.

Styling a brooch on a hat

To style this very adorable dog, grab a hat. I used one that matches my hair color.

Append the brooch on the hat on one of the sides, right at the bottom. Once we've got him where we want him to be, you can place the hat on your head.

Securing the hat in place

If you are like me and find that hats and scarves just slide off your head, I recommend using some thick bobby pins with wide grooves, which will ensure that your hat is not going anywhere. Windstorm, here I come!

How to wear a brooch on a hat

This look is so cute!

2. Brooch on a bag

Clown circus brooch

This next brooch I absolutely adore. Basically, if Punky Brewster was in the circus in the 1940s and a descendant of Raggedy Ann, you would get this pin. It is so colorful and will work with lots of different outfits.

Pinning a brooch to a bag

To style it, I’m going to going to grab a purse and simply attach the brooch to the purse. The one piece of advice I'm going to give about pinning anything to a vintage purse or any purse really is to be mindful of what you are pinning into.

If you have something like this, a rattan material, I just pin between the open weave, and I don't pin through the interior plastic. Once I poke a hole in the plastic, that hole will stay, and I don't want that. 

The other thing is don't store your purses with the pins attached to them. Once you're done carrying it for the day, take the pin off. Then gently reposition the fabric to cover up any hole that was made.

3. Brooch on a belt

Circus brooch with peanuts and an elephant

The last brooch I have to show you is circus peanuts. The combination of colors on this pin is absolutely stunning, and there is so much detail on the elephant and the peanuts. I mean, hello, one of the peanuts has a broken shell - it's just so adorable.

For the styling of this, I'm not going to lie; you're either going to love it, or you're going to hate it. Because this is a bigger, more square-shaped brooch, I thought what would look really cute on a belt.

Wearing a brooch on a belt

Now I have a really cute belt to go with my circus-themed skirt. Have you ever seen a more perfect pairing?

4. Brooch on a necklace

Threading a brooch onto a necklace

For the next way to style a brooch, take a necklace chain that you have lying about and just thread it through the back of the pin.

Wearing a brooch as a necklace

And there we have a necklace, how cute does that look. Some brooches really are statement pieces, so they make beautiful necklaces.

5. Brooch on a hair clip

Threading a brooch onto a hair clip

For our final way of styling a brooch, take a hair clip and just thread it through the back of the brooch.

How to wear a brooch in your hair

Sometimes the brooch will be a little loose and move around, so to add some more stability, all you have to do is take a bobby pin and pin through at the bottom, so you have one at the top and one at the bottom. Now it will be pretty darn secure.

DIY brooch hair clip

And we have a fun hair accessory. 

How to style a brooch

How to style a brooch

There we have five fun ways to style a brooch. You can, of course, just pin it to your lapel as well. 

I hope this guide has given you some new ideas about how to style a brooch, as they are much more versatile than most people would think. Let me know your favorite way to style a brooch in the comments below!

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    I think that this was an easy incredible way to upgrade so many things, as is seen in the tutorial. Kitchey, but elegant at the same time ! Genius !!! As for me, I really would like to buy the little dancer shown on the necklace. If the teacher is interested in selling the dancer contact me at: God bless you and yours, Carole Lee