Layering Necklace Ideas: Finding Tips and Tricks to Make It Successful

I wanted to share my layering necklace ideas without all of the distractions that an outfit can give. So I grabbed a black tee and used it to showcase these combinations.

I also shared 5 tricks and tips on my site, so make sure to check that out too.

While I do like the results of some of the combinations, I don’t think they all are masterpieces. Honestly, I thought maybe I’d just chuck it and not show it at all. Yet, many times I learn just as much from my mistakes as I do from my successes. Maybe you will too, especially since we all like different things.


The biggest takeaway that has helped for my layering necklaces ideas is to find some similar components to the necklaces you are using. I will go into more detail in each grouping.

Reasons for Multiple Necklaces

1-Learning new things are seriously good for our brain. You may think that fashion is fluff, but even styling clothes can be good for building new pathways in our brains. (As I’ve discussed with a brain coach in the past).

2-This is a good way to wear the jewelry we have. You may not need to go buy new things this way.

3-You can make your jewelry stand out more. Many times a single necklace can get lost in a look. For example when 4 of us showcased the same necklace with different colors and when wearing it with a print, you didn’t notice it. Yet maybe with that same print, if I had added in more necklaces, it would have been better?

4-It creates a wonderful focus up near your face AND can still be a vertical proponent of the look.

5– You can use this to cover up a stain or snag on your top.

Similar Pieces

This example is 2 necklaces that are very similar. I’m betting you are like me in that you buy similar items because that’s what you like. That’s how many of us end up with multiple pairs of black pants or over a dozen white blouses (yes mom, I’m talking to you, haha).

Each of these necklaces was thrifted at separate times. Both are asymmetrical with a different flower on one side of it. I think they look cohesive because they also both have white beads and silver metal throughout.

My rating: I give this a thumbs up. I really like how it looks like one necklace.

Color and Metal

Playing with the idea of similarities for my layering necklace ideas, I turned to color and metal details.

I started with the silver and colorful bead necklace. Taking the same idea as above, I tried to find another necklace that was similar. This is why I chose the colorful stone one. Then because there was silver metal between the colorful beads, I decided to add the silver pendant necklace to the mix.

My rating: While I liked this when I took the photo, now I would give it a thumbs down. It just seems too something.

Color Connections

For this example, I started with a newer necklace from Pam Neri. It’s this whimsical lime green one that I think is fun, yet can seem out of place. I’ve struggled with how to style it so this was the perfect challenge for me.

I realized I had another necklace with the same color in which it is the pink and lime green circle one. It might have been fine with just these two necklaces, but I thought I’d add some more pink to the mix with the triple pink one.

For the lime green bolt necklace, I shortened the cord so it hung closer to the other necklaces. More about that in the “ tricks” section on my site.

My rating: I wasn’t sure about this when I took the photos, yet I really like it now. The geometric shapes PLUS the color seems to work together.


Here, I was intrigued by concentrating on circles for a similar detail. There are circles with the clear beads necklace, a circular locket necklace, and then the silver necklace that has been doubled. I hung “circle” earrings from it to continue the theme.

My rating: This one is so so for me. It’s okay but I think I’d futz with it some more before going out into the world.

Fringe Details

I have a few fringe necklaces, so I thought I combine them together. The grey and purple single tassel necklace are the same lengths so I used one of my tricks below to be able to see both of them. Then the double-strand fringe/pompom necklace was the next addition.

Who knows what I was thinking with the last, shorter multi-strand necklace?

My rating: This turned out to be a mish-mash. I might like it better without the top multi-strand necklace. I’d say a thumbs down.

There are 5 tricks and tips I share on my site, so make sure to check that out too.

Layering Necklace Ideas With an Outift

So many options, so little time! Here are the examples we gave with full outfits for our layering necklaces ideas.

Charlotte worked by using all single strand necklaces all with white as the cohesive similarity.

For my outfit, I used both a scarf and necklace that had the same colorway.

Then Lesley showed how you can even use more than one multistrand necklace in one look.

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Jodie Filogomo
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  • Gail Gail on Jun 02, 2022

    This is such a simple idea but I've never thought of it. I have dozens of old necklaces that I've almost thrown away many times. But I still have them in a drawer and already put one together with silver and Pearl necklaces. It looks great and I'll keep making more. Thanks for an easy look.

  • Jodie Filogomo Jodie Filogomo on Jun 02, 2022

    I know exactly what you mean Gail. If it weren't for my friend suggesting this, I think you put on a necklace and you're done. Yet why not combine them.