3 Cute & Easy Ways You Can Style a Silk Scarf With a Scarf Buckle

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A silk scarf is my favorite accessory, and a scarf buckle (also known as a scarf ring) is a fantastic tool that allows you to do so much more with your scarves. In this tutorial, I am going to show you a few different ways to style your silk scarf with a scarf buckle.

Tools and materials:

Hermes silk scarf 35” x 35”

This is my beautiful Hermes scarf that I will be styling. It's the “La vie du Grand Nord” Hermes scarf 35” x 35” (90cm x 90cm). My scarf buckle's internal diameter is about 1” (2.7cm). 

Style 1 - Bow

Arranging the silk scarf across the shoulders

1. Arrange the scarf

Start by folding your scarf in half so that you have a triangle and then laying it across your back and over your shoulders. Make sure that the two sides are equal and fall to the same length.

This will be the starting point for the other scarf styles that I show you as well.

Passing the silk scarf through the scarf buckle

2. Pass it through the scarf buckle

Take the part of your scarf as shown and pass it through the scarf buckle.

How to tie a scarf buckle

3. Repeat on the other side

Then do the same with the other side of the scarf.

Tying a bow with a scarf buckle

4. Pull both sides

Finish by pulling both sides to spread out the bow.

Making a bow with a scarf buckle

You now have a beautiful bow.

Asymmetrical side bow with a scarf buckle

As a variation, you can shift your bow to one side and make one wing of the bow a little bit bigger than the other one. This is a beautiful asymmetrical look if you prefer to wear your scarves slightly to one side.

Style 2 - Accordion

Passing on end of the silk scarf through the scarf buckle

1. Put the buckle on

For the next style, pass one end of your scarf through the buckle. Then place the scarf on your shoulders.

Folding the other end of the silk scarf like an accordion

2. Fold up one side

Take the side of your scarf that doesn’t have the buckle on it and fold it with your hands like an accordion.

Passing the accordion through the loop

3. Pass through a loop

Now make a loop and pass your accordion through it.

Pulling the scarf by the scarf buckle to secure the knot

4. Tighten and pull

Then pull the scarf on the side with the buckle to secure the knot, and pull out the accordion to make it look pretty.

How to style a silk scarf with a scarf buckle

Here is the finished look; it looks so Haute Couture! 

Style 3 - Lengthened accordion

Pulling all the fabric through the loop

1. Pull

For the last style, start with how the scarf just was with style two, and then just pull all of the fabric through the loop.

Scarf buckle styling tutorial

This style will elongate your torso and make you look slimmer.

How to use a scarf buckle tutorial

I hope that you liked those three ways of tying a scarf using a scarf buckle. If you’ve never used a scarf buckle before, now is your time to start because you know how to use one!

Suggested materials:
  • Silk scarf
  • Scarf buckle

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