So Much Sun!

Sunnies season is in full force. Sunglasses are one accessory that can instantly transform your summer outfit. Elevate your business casual look to next level by putting on a sharp pair of sunglasses that boost your confidence. Turn heads when adding the perfect pair with a sundress. Just grabbing take-out in your loungewear? Don't forget to put on some high fashion glasses to go from grub slub to posh nosh in a snap.

So much of choosing sunglasses is based on personal preference. For me, I almost go with a black lens. I don't want you to be able to see my dark circles, hence the sunglasses, duh. Or for you to be able to see when I roll my eyes. For a crisp, clean, polished look — go with wire frames. Nothing classier than black and gold in my opinion. The round shape of these can either go hippie-chic when paired with your swimsuit/sunhat/sundress. Or make your sharp business casual look a little more playful and informal.

Speaking of playful .. these heart shaped sunglasses are easily my most complimented accessory. Every time I wear them someone comments on how fun they are. This is my go-to pair of sunglasses for when I'm slumming it. When I add these on top of my sweatpants and boyfriend tee, I feel like I go from messy to Hollywood in no time flat. Only $10 in white!

Tortoise shell is another love language of mine. And square sunglasses are always what I gravitate towards. Pushing them down on my nose makes them look a little more glamorous and high fashion. Try a pair like this with a lighter tortoise shell to really pop. Only $15!

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