I Applied Apple Cider Vinegar to My Lips to Brighten Them

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by Just Michelle
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I brightened my lips by putting apple cider vinegar on my lips.

A year later, my lips still look nice and bright. This method is permanent and brings out the true color and shade of your lips at their healthiest.

I’ll show you exactly how I achieved this lip color. Let’s get right into it.

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Tools and materials:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton pad
  • Lip oil or Vaseline
Lip care tips

1. Lip care tips

Healthy lips start with everyday lip care. To fix my lips, I corrected the mistakes that I made.

Now, I exfoliate my lips and make sure I wear lip balms with SPF in them.

If it’s a really sunny day, I’ll apply my face sunscreen to my lips as well.

I also drink lots of water to keep my lips hydrated. Lip care starts with your body.

Apple cider vinegar

2. Apple cider vinegar

The thing that changed my lips the most was apple cider vinegar. Here’s how to use it to get nice and bright lips.

Applying apple cider vinegar to lips

Fold a cotton pad 

Fold a cotton pad in half like this. You can also use cotton balls, but cotton pads give easier application. 

Applying apple cider vinegar to lips

Apply apple cider vinegar to the cotton pad

The cotton pad will turn a brown color, which is the natural color of the apple cider vinegar. 

Applying apple cider vinegar to lips

Fold the cotton pad in half again

I like to fold it like this because working in small sections gives you more control when you’re applying it. 

Applying apple cider vinegar to lips

Dab it on

Dab the cotton pad on your lips gently and then let it sit for 10 minutes.

It’s important to leave it this long — no more and no less. 

Lightened lips

Your lips will start to turn white, and this is the process of the apple cider vinegar drying. 

Applying lip oil

Rinse and add oil

Rinse your lips with warm water and a little bit of soap, and then add lip oil.

I recommend an oil that brightens the skin like rosehip seed oil, vitamin C oil, or vitamin E oil.

If you don’t have oil, you can add Vaseline.

Applying apple cider vinegar on lips

Do this routine 3 times a week to get your lips nice and bright in the beginning, and then switch to 1 time a week.

Let me know if this apple cider vinegar lips routine works well for you in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton pad
  • Lip oil or Vaseline

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