Cute and Easy Ariana Grande High Ponytail Tutorial

Ariba Pervaiz
by Ariba Pervaiz
5 Materials
20 Minutes

In this hair tutorial, I’m going to be creating an Ariana Grande high ponytail! It’s a lot easier than it looks, so let’s go ahead and get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pin
  • Hair tie
  • Clip-in extensions (optional)
Smoothing hair

1. Smooth down your hair

Start with your hair nice and clean, and smooth it out as best as you can. I flat-ironed mine last night. 

Top of head

2. Find the top of your head 

The trickiest part of the Ariana Grande high ponytail is the strong parting she has at the front of the hair.

An easy way to achieve this part is to start by finding the top of your head. The top of your head is wherever your hand lays flat.

Creating halo parting

3. Do a halo parting

Where your hand lays flat, create a halo parting all the way around your crown. 

Creating halo parting

The parting doesn’t need to be perfect. It only needs to be roughly the entire crown.

Brushing back crown

4. Brush back the crown

Brush back the entire crown. Even though the parting doesn’t have to be perfect, this area needs to be smoothed out the best you can.

Tying crown

5. Tie the crown

Tie the crown into a ponytail.


6. Separate away your side-swept part

The side-swept part can be on either side of your head. I do mine on the right side. 

Parting hair

To find the parting, start at the arc of your eyebrow and part the hair just above it.

Brush it to the other side once you’ve found it to smooth it down.

Parting hair

7. Part the hair above the ear

Split the hair with the bigger side part roughly above the ear. 

Adding hairspray

8. Brush and hairspray the section to smooth it out 

This is your only opportunity to get this section smooth, so generously spray the section with a strong-hold hairspray. 

Brushing hair

Brush it to smooth it out and get it to sit exactly how you want it to.

Hiding parting

9. Hide the parting

Spread out the section with your fingers so it hides the part of your scalp visible by the part.

Hairspray it so it stays in place.

Pinning hair

10. Pin the side-swept part behind your head

Pull the base of your ponytail forward, and pin it underneath the ponytail. 

Pinning hair

Hold the side-swept part taut while you pin the tail end.

Brushing hair

11. Use hairspray and a brush to get a clean hairline

This is your last opportunity to get your hairline to sit how you want it to.

Take the time to hairspray it or use any gel or cream you like before brushing it back.

Pulling hair into ponytail

12. Pull all of the hair into a ponytail

Bring the rest of the hair into a ponytail—including the ponytail you already made.

Everything should come together nicely and seamlessly. 

Brushing hair

All of the hair from the bottom should cover up the section for the ponytail that you created.

Tying off

13. Tie it off

Tie everything off with a hair tie.

Ariana Grande high ponytail

It looks really cute like this, and you can leave it exactly like this or you can flip out the ends.

My hair is too thick, so I can’t, but it’s a very cute option.

If you do plan to leave it like this, make sure to grab a small section of hair from the ends and use it to hide the elastic band.

Adding ponytail extension

14. Clip in a ponytail extension (optional)

If you want a really long, iconic ponytail just like Ariana, you can use a clip-in ponytail extension.

Just slide the clip in at the base of your ponytail.

Adding ponytail extension

It should come with a separate piece to hide the hair tie and clip.

Adding ponytail extension

Hold the ponytail at the base when you brush it out.

Ariana Grande high ponytail

Ariana Grande high ponytail

Here’s the final look! The iconic Ariana Grande high ponytail is super easy to master and it looks incredible on just about anybody.

Let me know down below if you like the style with or without the hair extensions!

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Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pin
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