Super Simple Hack for Storing Your Belts

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
1 Minute

Hi everyone. Today, I’ve got a simple belt hack to show you.

Belts can be tricky to store, especially if you've got several. So, if you’ve ever struggled with storing your belts away neatly, then this easy 1-minute belt hack is for you.

Grab for your favorite belt and let’s get started.

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Pushing prong down

1. Push the prong down

Start by taking your belt and pushing the prong down.

Threading end of strap through buckle frame

2. Thread the end of the strap through the buckle frame

And pull it into a loop.

Creating a loop

3. Wind the rest of the belt strap into the loop

Belt hack

Belt hacks

And viola! Your belt should now be super compact and ready to store away in your closet. This belt hack is so simple and a great way to keep your belt collection nicely organized and cared for.

Will you start storing your belts away like this, or do you have another method that you prefer? Let me know in the comments section down below. I love to hear from you all.

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