This Hack Gives You a Little Give in Those Extra Tight Tops

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Do you have a back fastening blouse that feels too tight to be comfortable?

This is one of my quick and easy fashion hacks that will give you a little more room. All you need is a scrunchie to match one of the colors in your blouse.

Tools and materials:

  • Scrunchie to match your blouse
  • 2 large safety pins
Choosing a scrunchie

1. Choose scrunchie

Lay the blouse down right side out with the back of the blouse facing you.

Choose a scrunchie that tones or contrasts with your blouse or picks up one of the colors in it.

First side

2. First side

Undo your blouse. Put the back fastening on one side over your scrunchie and down through the center hole.

Fold the back piece under and pin it to itself on the inside with a safety pin.

Second side

3. Second side

Put the second side through the same scrunchie and pin it in place as before.

Try on the blouse and adjust the position of the pins until the blouse fits comfortably.

Easy fashion hack

Easy fashion hack

The elasticity in the scrunchie means the blouse will fit perfectly. And because you chose a color to match your blouse, it looks like an extra trim to your blouse and not a hack.

Would you do something like this? Let me know in the comments and also follow me on Instagram  @journey_towards_fashion.

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Suggested materials:
  • Scrunchie to match your blouse
  • 2 large safety pins

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