6 Bold Eyeliner Styles That Have Every Occasion Covered

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I love bold eyeliner styles that glam up a look or pop in a photoshoot. That’s why I’ve created this step-by-step tutorial on different ways to wear eyeliner, which showcases six edgy, cool eyeliner styles.

To create these six different eyeliner styles I’m using a cream gel liner by Kryolan in the shade Ebony. Of course, you can use liquid liner, gel liner, cream liner, or even cake liner - it's completely up to you whichever you prefer.

To apply the liner, I’m actually using a really fine paintbrush (Arte Prolene 101 Series). Watch the video to see my technique in full.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyeliner
  • Paintbrush
Basic ways to wear eyeliner

1. Basic eyeliner

This first look is the most common. It’s a line going from the inner corner of the top lid, staying close to the lash line, all the way to the outer corner. 

Look directly into a mirror and keep your eyes open as you apply the eyeliner. This way, your skin will be nice and taut and the eyeliner will go on a lot smoother. Get the basis of the line first, then go over the top of it again for a smooth and even finish.

Easy winged eyeliner styles

2. The Flick

This is another easy eyeliner style. Following on from the basic eyeliner, carry the line out further around ⅕ inch in the direction of the end of your eyebrow. 

Step-by-step eyeliner styles

You can turn that flick into a winged eyeliner by dragging the color back from the end of the flick to the middle of the eyelid. This makes the flick slightly fuller. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. You can use small strokes to fill it in after.

Different ways to wear eyeliner

3. Framing the eye

This next eyeliner style is one I use a lot on photoshoots because it’s a great way of making the eye look bigger. Slip the brush under the wing to the lower lashes, creating a line from the outer corner to the lower lash line. This is going to frame the eye and also elongate it.

Then, carry on applying color underneath the lashes, as close to the roots as possible. The best way to do this is to wiggle your brush on the skin, rather than draw a straight line.

Edgy, cool eyeliner styles

Now, the key part to this bold eyeliner style is to drop the eyeliner about 0.08 inches lower than the tear duct of your eye. Then, extend the line out from the inner corner of the top lid. Leave a small gap between the lines, as shown. This will make your eye look a lot bigger.

Liquid eyeliner styles

4. Subtle cat eye

The next look is a subtle twist on the cat eye. Apply liner across the waterline. Then, using the very tip of the brush, create a nice point at the beginning of the inner corner of the eye. Finally, color in the skin showing around the roots of the lashes by working the brush backwards and forwards.

Best way to wear eyeliner

5. Double wing

This eyeliner style is super simple. Extend from the lower lash line straight out underneath the wing we’ve already got to create a double wing.

Bold eyeliner styles

6. Full cat eye

The last look is a full-on cat eye. We’ve already got the shape for it, so it’s a case of extending certain areas and thickening the lines we’ve already got. Work your way in small strokes to extend the inner corner of the eye and the double wing, while thickening the top and lower lash lines. I’ve added a set of fash lashes to even out the proportions.

There you have six bold eyeliner styles, from basic eyeliner to a full cat eye, which can take you from day to night! I hope you found this tutorial on different ways to wear eyeliner useful, as well as tips on using liquid eyeliner and creating winged eyeliner. Let me know which look is your favorite.

Suggested materials:
  • Eyeliner
  • Paintbrush

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