Super-Easy Snapchat Butterfly Filter Costume for Halloween

by Janel
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So, I decided to take a digital approach this Halloween and make a butterfly filter costume inspired by Snapchat! If you’re wondering how to make a butterfly Snapchat filter costume, then you’ve come to the best tutorial!

I’ll show you how easy it is to recreate the look using minimal tools and materials. I’ll show you how to do this costume with butterflies from the dollar store or create ones with yellow foam. The choice is yours!

Tools and materials:

  • Yellow foam paper
  • Yellow butterflies
  • Orange sharpie
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod podge
  • Gold glitter - different hues
  • Bobby pins
  • Highlighter
  • Gold shimmer eyeshadow
  • Pink lipstick or gloss
  • Black sharpie
  • Brush
Adding color and definition to the butterfly

Store-bought butterflies

1. Add definition

If you look at the Snapchat filter costume, you’ll see that the yellow butterflies have some orange in their wings. So, to give them some definition, go ahead and fill out the edges of the butterfly, as shown. 

Applying mod podge to the butterflies

2. Add glitter

Apply some mod podge to the sides of the butterfly, as shown. Then, sprinkle on some glitter.

Applying glitter to the butterflies

As you can see, I created several different types of sparkles from different tones of gold. 

Cutting the butterfly antennae

Cutting the butterflies to make them smaller

3. Make adjustments

Some butterflies in the actual Snapchat filter are smaller than the others. So, to mimic this, I cut and downsized the wings of some butterflies. 

Attach the butterflies to bobby pins

4. Add the bobby pins

These butterflies have a wire piece, which is perfect because, in the Snapchat filter, the butterflies seem to float above your head, so these wires add some height when you glue the bobby pin right under them. 

Drawing butterflies on foam

Make your own butterflies from scratch

1. Trace the pattern

For those who don’t have these ready-made butterflies, you can make your own DIY gold butterfly Snapchat filter costume by using a thin piece of yellow foam. Simply draw a couple of butterflies, as shown (you can print some for a pattern if you prefer). 

DIY butterflies for the Snapchat filter look

Then, cut them out. 

Outlining the butterflies with a sharpie

2. Design the butterflies

Outline the butterflies with a sharpie. 

Applying mod podge and glitter

Apply mod podge and sprinkle glitter. 

Gluing the body of the butterfly

Glue the body together to give your Snapchat filter costume a 3D dimension. 

Attaching bobby pins to the butterflies

How to make butterfly Snapchat filter costume

3. Glue the bobby pins

Finally, glue some bobby pins to the bottom side of the butterfly. 

Snapchat butterfly filter makeup

Makeup & hair

So, I’m not really good with makeup, but I figured that the filter itself also adds dimension and highlights your face. Here, I added a highlighter to my cheeks, under eyes, and chin and blended it in with my fingers. 

Applying lipstick

I applied sparkly gold eyeshadow to my eyelids and a lovely rose pink lipstick to mimic that beautiful glow on the filter. 

Pinning the butterflies in place

Then, for the fun part - Start pinning those sparking butterflies to the crown of your head. 

Snapchat butterfly filter costume

Snapchat butterfly filter costume DIY

So, there’s your butterfly filter costume! How easy and fun was that? I love how unique and fun this Snapchat butterfly filter Halloween costume is, and there’s not much to it! Thanks for joining me. 

Suggested materials:
  • Yellow foam paper
  • Yellow butterflies
  • Orange sharpie
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