2 is Better Than 1 With This Hack!

Back with another button up hack! For this tutorial you will actually need TWO button up tops and a bracelet or ring. I recommend using two button up shirts of the same material, preferably the same brand and size. The only thing different is the color so try grabbing two with contrast colors!

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Step one: Grab two button up shirts

Step two: Put one arm in each sleeve and begin buttoning up the shirts

Step three: Take off the sleeves and turn the shirt around and put on the other sleeves and button those up as well

Step four: Tuck in the collar on the front and back

Step five: Reach back and grab the two sleeves not on your arms and bring them around your side and to the front. 

Step six: Put the sleeves through the bracelet and tie small knots

TA-DA looks great! Thanks for reading!

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