10 Outfit Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day!

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Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner, it's a fun date night and a great excuse to get a little dressed up!

Outfit 1- A white button down shirt with jeans is always a great start. I added a vintage shamrock tie and a green sweater worn over the shoulders. Cute shoes are always an attention grabber, these adorable oxford heels have been my favorite St Pat's Day shoe!

Outfit 2- The same pieces but wearing the sweater. A dressy casual look.

Outfit 3- Green Mossimo pants instead of the jeans, but the same button down and sweater.

Outfit 4- A green blazer and winter white skirt is always a cute combo for the day. This off-the-shoulder piece is by Boston Proper. It's unusual style makes it a fun outfit to wear. It is no longer in stores but here is a medium on Mercari for a decent price.

Outfit 5- The same blazer but with matching green pants for a more casual look.

Outfit 5- If your state is still really cold in March, a mint green sweater dress gives the color of upcoming spring, but still gives you the warmth to battle the cold.

Outfit 6- A ruffled button down top with the vintage shamrock tie, and a full skirt gets an unusual pairing with green suspenders. Sometimes it's fun to think outside of the standard box with your accessories.

Outfit 7- Shades of vibrant green, white and blue give just the right pop of color for this pencil skirt and silk graphic top.

Outfit 8- I wore this during a fall season, but a green floral would be the perfect dress for the end of winter and start of spring transition.

Outfit 9- Since it's still chilly at night, this long cape gives style and warmth, but it's not overly hot. Pairing it with a bright crisp white sleeveless dress and a white fedora makes for a very cute outfit.

This adorable cape is almost sold out but you can find one here on sale for $35 since it's limited in stock.

Outfit 10- Using the same cape but pairing it with a sleeveless dress, gives warmth for the chill, but a full on spring feel with the adorable floral print on crisp white.

I think I will be wearing this, but I may change my mind last minute. It's always good to have choices to celebrate a holiday! May you be blessed with good fortune!


Suggested materials:
  • Cape   (Shein)
  • Mostly thrifted pieces   (Goodwill)

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