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I absolutely love buying items of clothing that can serve for multiple occasions or looks! This multi color blouse was just the item I needed! I linked all items I am wearing except my jeans which I purchased in store at NY&C years ago.

Blouse -

Purse -

Shoes -

I hope you enjoy all these different styles. Tell me what you think. Also I linked my Instagram Reel showing the transition of styles below. Let’s connect on all social media platforms ❤️

One day while browsing on Amazon this blouse just stood out to me. So many colors! So many things I could do! So many ways to style it. Sooooo I did just that…….let’s get into the styles.

Style #1 is simply wearing the blouse as is without an alterations. I like wearing it like this but if you are looking for some spice keep scrolling icon

Style #2 is the one sided tuck look. It’s self explanatory, you just tuck one side of your blouse in your jeans and let the other side hang freely.

Style # 3 is completely tucking your shirt. I love this style to show off my waist line hehe. Not original by far but it’s definitely still a vibe.

Style #4 is for the girls that like to serve body! To get this style you would simply button your blouse leaving about 3 buttons unbuttoned at the bottom. Next you’d take the ends of your shirt and tie them together and tuck them up within your bra. Make sure you don’t forget to tuck up the back of the blouse as well.

Style #5 is my favorite look! It’s subtle and sexy. This is the off one shoulder style. You can get this look by first completely buttoning your blouse for foundation. Next unbutton starting at the top of the blouse until the blouse is loose enough to drop down to whichever shoulder you want to show. Finally you should have the look you want.

Style #6 looks similiar to Style #4 but it’s not. In this style you will have your blouse completely unbuttoned. To achieve this look simply take both ends of your blouse and cross them in tie and pull up towards your bra. Next take the two ends of your tie blouse and tuck them up in your bra criss crossing them . You will want to make sure you tuck up your blouse all the way around and boom! Style #6 has been executed.

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