11 Casual Day Date Outfit Ideas for Summer & Beyond

by Cozychique

I’m going to share with you some casual and comfy date outfit ideas for summer. There’s no reason that you can't look cute and yet feel comfortable at the same time, so here I’m going to show you outfits that I’ve styled that strike the balance between both.

Gingham dress for a day date

1. Picnic chic

Nothing screams picnic date more than gingham. Here, I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder gingham playsuit which is fun with frilly off-the-shoulder detail. Also, what is more flirty than a bare shoulder?

What to wear on a picnic date

If you're a bit shy, you can cover up your shoulders with a denim jacket. Also because the top of the playsuit is elastic, you also have the option to pull it back up onto the shoulders. With this outfit, I'm wearing my favorite sneakers and a black belt to break up the pattern.

Picnic casual date outfit

2. Picnic casual

The beauty of this jumpsuit is that I can change it up and turn it into a top by throwing on a pair of jeans. I recommend wearing a pair of mom jeans or a style that won't show the fabric bunching up underneath.

Field day date outfit

3. Field day

Next, I've switched out the sneakers for these black ankle block heel boots and a white linen button-up shirt. I absolutely adore the rose gold chunky heel on these booties and it makes them so easy to walk in. I like to roll the sleeves up when wearing a linen shirt.

Casual date outfits

If it's a bit warmer and you don't want to wear booties you can swap them out with some black sandals.

What to wear to a casual lunch date

4. Polka dot cutie

In this look, I swapped out the jeans with this white polka dot wrap skirt with a frill detail. I love the pattern and the silky satin material; it allows for a lot of airflow during a warm summer day. When wearing something all white you can pair it with a statement piece, such as this orange graphic tote, and really make it stand out.

Summer casual date outfits

5. Linen love

Now for a staple outfit - linen on linen. Here I'm turning my shirt into a crop by unbuttoning the last two buttons and tying it in a double knot. I'm wearing beige wide-leg linen pants that are tight on my waist yet super comfortable.

To break up all the neutral colors, I have my cropped denim dark wash jacket. This jacket is a perfect length for when you're wearing something wide-leg because it sits at the waist. 

Casual summer first date outfit

6. Floral fever

This puff-sleeve floral blue has elastic arm straps and cuffs, allowing you to change up the look of the shirt by styling it differently. It's made from breezy cotton material and has darts along the bust for extra shape. To keep the whole outfit floral-themed,

I’ve tied my hair with a floral scarf. I've also switched out my white sneakers for leopard print flat sandals for that perfect summer look. 

Feminine date outfit

7. Floral femme

If you don't want to wear pants and want to look a little bit more feminine, you can swap out the pants with a cream skirt. I love that this a-line skirt comes with a belt. In order to get a different silhouette out of the top, I've folded the elastic cuff in and pulled it all the way up my shoulder to make the sleeve shorter.

Park date outfit

8. Passionfruit

I'm switching out the colors here with this knit orange purple and fuchsia sweater which I’ve paired with the same cream skirt. 

Collar detailing

Under the sweater I’m wearing a cream blouse that has gorgeous detailing on the collar that looks like petals. On my feet are a simple pair of white sneakers.

Polka-dot dress outfit

9. Polka-flirty

Now we're going a little bit retro, I’m wearing a thrifted blue polka dot dress. I've paired it with a black belt to cinch in my waist and for a cold chilly day you can wear a cream cardigan over the top.

Date outfit ideas for summer

10. Polka-dot denim

Once again, to get the most wear out of the dress, I'm turning it into a top by throwing some black jeans on top. On top, I'm wearing this light-wash denim jacket for that denim-on-denim look.

I love this look because it's different colors and tones but they all still work together.

Summer date outfit ideas

11. Summer blues

For the last outfit, I'm wearing a one-shoulder knit top with some really cute blue and white floral shorts. I think the paper bag look is just so complimentary for every body shape. This is the first time that I've bought a one-shoulder top and it's surprisingly a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be and it doesn’t fall down at all. 

Date outfit ideas for summer

I hope you’ve enjoyed these date outfit ideas. They are all very cute and feminine, yet prioritize comfort and practicality. Go for pieces that make you look great and feel great too!

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