How to Style a Vest: 4 Vintage-Inspired Outfit Ideas

Josy Bun
by Josy Bun

In this lookbook, I’m going to show you how to style a vest. Vintage vests are an item that I think we’ve all seen at the thrift store, and maybe you like them, but you just don’t know how to wear them; I know that was the case with me.

I think that vests are often overlooked when it comes to thinking about women’s fashion, so I’m excited to share these vest outfits with you.

How to style a vest

1. Suede vest

To start things off, I’ve got a white graphic t-shirt with a really neat 70s van and nature print. It is tucked into my vintage Levi shorts. 

Snakeskin heeled booties and denim shorts

On my feet, I have snakeskin heeled booties; I really like these because they’re more gray-toned. A lot of the snakeskin boots I was finding were brown snakeskin which is pretty, but it’s not what I wanted for my outfits. These gray-toned ones also tie in well with the black and white tee. 

How to accessorize a vintage vest outfit

For accessories, I have a pair of awesome earrings that I got from Etsy, the necklace is from a thrift store, and I also have a cute hairband.

Vintage sequined vest outfit

2. Sequined vest

I chose this sheer black long-sleeved ruffle dress for the second look, which I love because it shows off my tattoo through the material. 

What to wear under a vest

I paired it with this lovely vintage, thrifted black and silver vest that I scored for $2.99 - can you believe it? I added a faux leather and silver belt to define my waistline. No jewelry or extras with this outfit, as I think the vest makes enough of an impact.

How to style a fur vest

3. Fur vest

Fur vests are quite easy to get hold of. I styled this oversized speckled cream and gray faux-fur vest with some vintage black Levi’s. I’m also wearing a vintage Johnny Cash t-shirt tied in the front with a hair tie.

70s-inspired outfit with a patchwork vest

4. Patchwork vest

This final outfit, the vest is this awesome leather and suede, patchwork very 70s vest. I paired it with some bell bottoms just to complete that 70s look.

The colors in the vest are really gorgeous for fall; I love how it is mostly neutral brown tones, but it also has some brighter pops of red in it as well. To accessorize, I added into the mix a chocolate brown cowboy-style hat which ties in nicely with the turtleneck and the blazer.

How to style a vest

For footwear, I’m wearing some brown leather boots with amazing tread on them that makes them absolutely perfect for fall and winter when it can be a bit slippery outside.

How to style a vest

I hope that this lookbook has given you some ideas for different ways to style a vest. As I said, I think that vests are a piece of clothing that people tend to overlook; next time you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for vests and see what ways you can find to wear them.

Each of the vests I showed you is in a completely different style, so whatever your personal taste, there’s a vest out there with your name on it.

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