How to Style a White Linen Shirt

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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Today, I'm going to show you how you can style your linen shirts in three different ways.

Every woman should have a white linen shirt in their closet; you can dress it up, you can dress it down, and do so many things with it.


1. All-white

The first look I've created with the linen shirt is an all-white outfit.

For my base layer I paired a white singlet with beautiful white linen pants. As you can see the pants are an off-white which is the same as the shirt.

I don't really mind pairing different shades of white, I think it looks beautiful and gives a little bit of dimension to the look.

I’m wearing a white linen shirt as a layer on top. Because this is an oversized shirt, I rolled up my sleeves to make it a little bit more stylish and I left it open for that casual and effortless vibe.

To dress the outfit up a little bit more, I added some nude sandals. I always prioritize comfort above everything else and these flat sandals are comfy but still very delicate and feminine and give that airy fresh look to the outfit.

The sun is out so of course we're going to add some sunnies to this outfit and I also added a black bag with a gold buckle.

I love how the beige tones in the bag are similar to the ones in my sandals, and the black and brown tones are similar to my sunnies.

That makes the look very cohesive. Even though this is a very effortless and comfortable outfit, it still looks very put together, elegant, and classy.


2. Half-tuck

For the next outfit, I’m wearing straight-leg jeans. These are a medium wash, very simple, and classic. I paired them with a white bralette for my base layer.

For the next layer, I’m wearing the white linen shirt, and I have done up some of the buttons, not all of them because I do want the bralette to show through a little bit. I tucked in just half of my shirt.

I love wearing my shirts like this because it helps me show off a little bit of my waist. I am petite, and I have big hips, so cinching my waist is something that I try to do in most of my outfits.

This time I haven’t rolled up my sleeves as much as the last look, I just rolled them up once so the shirt doesn't look extremely oversized.

I wanted to keep this outer layer very effortless because the bralette is a little bit more on the sexy side.

For my shoes, I’m wearing some black chunky sandals with a gold buckle that helps to bring out the gold in my earrings and it also matches the belt for a cohesive look.

As I said I want to really show my waist when I wear a loose shirt. I think that is very important because otherwise the shirt can look a little bit messy and your figure can get lost in the look.

A simple belt makes it effortless and gives you more shape. A pair of sunnies and a black bag with a gold buckle finish off the look.

This is a very casual comfortable outfit but it looks as if you put a lot of thought into it and that's what I love about it.

Full tuck

3. Full tuck

I call this last look my Sunday outfit because I literally wear so many versions of this same outfit. I don’t have to think about it, and it always works.

I’m wearing the same jeans for this one, and I've tucked in the white linen shirt and have left some of the buttons undone. This time I'm not wearing a bralette or anything like that underneath.

For this kind of look, you want to make sure you're using some kind of coverage.

The thing that is key for me in this outfit is using fashion tape. It is double-sided tape that allows me to stick the clothes to my skin or each other and make sure that everything stays in place.

That way, I can be comfortable and move around, and I know I'm not going to be flashing anyone anytime soon.

I also have on a pair of white sneakers and some tortoise sunglasses. The beige bag ties in nicely with the white sneakers and the off-white shirt, so it brings everything together.

How to style a white linen shirt

Those are the three ways you can style your white linen shirt this spring.

I hope this lookbook has inspired you and has given you some styling ideas you can try out yourself. Let me know your favorite style below.

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