ONE Shirt Worn 8 Different Ways!

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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I found this shirt that has a lot of elements to it from TJ Maxx. I immediately thought I could wear this shirt a million different ways! This is perfect for vacations when you want to pack light but still want variety!

This is the way it is "supposed" to be worn based on the label, just a button down short sleeve with a low V on the neck line. Pretty typical but there are so many more ways it could be worn! Let me show you.

First way, just unbutton the bottom couple and tie into a bow! I do this a lot with my button downs to create more of a waist.

The next way is to keep the bottom couple buttons and tuck on flap into your jeans. These are all such little changes but the look changes with each tweak.

I also love the look of the shirt blowing in the breeze especially when you are a the beach. This is in southern Florida on the Gulf!

The next time I wore this shirt, I wore it backwards! This crisscross design is actually the back of the shirt but I think I prefer it this way!

Tuck in the front for more a waist again! Since I am quite busty sometimes loose fitting shirts make me look a bit boxy, I love this little change!

There was a slit at the bottom of the back (which I am wearing in the front for this picture) I used that slit to make a low tie, again looks like a totally different shirt now!

Finally tuck the shirt in all around!

again this is the back, I love a low neck backwards! It creates such an elegant looking shoulder blade look.

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