Shop Your Guy's Closet!

by Shortgirlbigmood

You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You've changed your outfit three times and none of them feel right. You need to pack but you don't know what to take. Sound familiar? We've all been there!

We all go through slumps with fashion. Sometimes buying a new item will get us out of it. But what if budget doesn't allow for a shopping spree? What then? I go shop my husband's closet! Don't knock it 'til you try it! Maybe it's your dad's or your brother's or your boyfriend's but our dudes have some cute things that can totally work for us with the right styling!

Take this $5 tee from the Walmart clearance rack that's been hanging unworn on my hub's clothes rack. I turned into a t-shirt dress!

It's a men's XL so it was just long enough for my 5"2' frame. But to be on the safe side I wore a pair of bike shorts underneath. Hot tip for these hot temps -- bike shorts keep your legs from chafing under skirts and dresses!

I tied a denim jacket around my waist to help give the shape definition. A belt would have also worked, or even leaving the tee loose with a knot tie at the bottom would be super cute!

I paired the look with some fun slides and a faux leather backpack. And voila! Men's tee turned comfy and adorable dress! Perfect for running errands, heading to a picnic, brunch with the girls, or a neighborhood BBQ.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a men's top and do something fun with it!

All of my looks, including this one, are shopable by heading HERE.

Peace love & hugs!

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