Six Ways to Wear a Plaid Shirt!

by Shanthomas87

Most of us all have a plaid shirt in our closets right?! I hope today to give you some inspiration of how to wear it a new way than how you already wear it! Today I am using this plaid flannel from Walmart! It comes in several different prints, and is only $11! I will link it here. I did size up to a M in this shirt, so that I can wear it a few different ways.

Styled with Jeans

This is the obviously the easiest/classic way to style a plaid shirt. By tucking it into some jeans , it makes a classic look!

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Styled with a Sweater

I love throwing a sweater on top of a plaid shirt, because it completely changes up the look! Where there is a lot of fabric on top, I paired it with a skinny jean on bottom.(It’s always helpful when balancing out an outfit to think about things like that!)

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Styled Unbuttoned

This is more of a causal way to wear a plaid shirt. I simply unbuttoned it and paired it with a bodysuit and a pair of jeans. You could also add a graphic tee instead of the bodysuit to make it even more causal.

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Styled with Leggings

This is the reason that I size up in this plaid. I love to be able to wear my plaid shirts with leggings and booties! It’s a simple look, but still polished!

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Styled with White/Neutrals

I love wearing white pants/bottoms in the winter, and this is an easy way to do it! I let the plaid shirt be the focus of the outfit, and then paired it with a bunch of neutral pieces.

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Styled with a Skirt

The last way I am styling this plaid top today is with a skirt. I chose a mini skirt, but you could also pair this with a pencil skirt for a classy look!

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