Stop Your Bra Inserts From Moving

You know how sports bras and sports tanks come with these inserts? They're nice for coverage but drive me crazy because they're always moving! And it seems like every time you wash they crawl out of their bra and try to get lost in the laundry. Not anymore! I've found a simple solution to stop your bra inserts from moving.

Here is a reel I made showing step-by-step you can find it on my instagram @trending_with_trina

Alright here are those annoying little inserts I'm talking about

First turn the bra inside out and place the insert in position. Secure the insert with a couple of straight pins.

Use a few pieces of iron-on adhesive. You can find this anywhere and here is a link in case it's not at your local stores.

Place the adhesive like this inside between the insert and the inner lining then remove all of the pins

Place a damp washcloth over the area

Put your iron on it for about thirty seconds

Let it cool and you're done!

They won't move or come out (even in the wash)

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