7 Classy Date Night Outfits You Can Wear This Valentine's Day

Shirley Yu
by Shirley Yu

Whether you’re having a date night at home or going out to a fancy restaurant, I have some classy date night outfits to inspire you this Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to share with you some of my flirty date night outfits; from little black dresses to something more casual, I have you covered! Let’s begin!

Cute beige dress

1. Cute dress

I don't usually wear cute dresses like this, but it makes for a sweet Valentine's look. Colors are pretty important when it comes to styling and in this first outfit, I went for neutral tones.

Beige dress, tan coat, and over-the-knee boots

I’m wearing a beige long-sleeve dress, black over-the-knee boots because it's winter where I live, a chic tan coat, and a cute little handbag. I think this look is perfect for a dinner date.

How to accessorize for a Valentine's date

As for accessories, I went for these dazzling gold earrings to add a touch of sparkle. It's Valentine's Day, so don't be afraid to go above and beyond!

Sexy little red dress

2. Little red dress

Since it’s Valentine’s day, I thought red would be the perfect color! I paired this little red dress with my black over-the-knee boots. 

Wearing a cropped sweater over a little red dress

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ll agree that wearing this cute red dress on its own is not a good idea! So, I layered it with this lovely black cropped sweater to keep me warm.

It has oversized sleeves so it gives off a more elegant feel. 

How to accessorize Valentine's outfits

Adjust your accessories accordingly. I’m keeping the gold earrings on since they match with the gold buttons on my sweater.

Gold bracelets to match with the outfit

I also added these stunning gold bracelets for a classier vibe. 

High-waisted pants outfit for Valentine's Day

3. High-waisted pants

If dresses aren't your thing, then pants look great too! Here, I went for high-waisted, baggy black pants, which are super comfortable.

Because this style is elegant, I decided to go for a pair of high-heeled boots to bring out my body length, too. 

Cute floral-print jumpsuit for Valentine's Day

4. Floral print

Another great item to wear for Valentine’s Day is anything that has a floral print. Here, I went for this pink floral print overall. It’s a summer piece, but I love styling summer clothes for winter.

Dressing up a playsuit with a blazer

I love to be the boss, so I added a blazer to complete this business-casual look. If I'm wearing something dark inside, I like to go for a lighter look outside to balance out the look. 

Wearing a playsuit with a long coat

If blazers don’t do it for you, then perhaps go for a long coat. It works just as well and the layers give this whole outfit a unique and interesting touch. 

Playsuit with over-the-knee boots

If it’s too cold outside, go for over-the-knee boots! 

Elegant date night dresses

5. Romantic dress

Here’s another floral look. It’s super classy! I went for this dress with a floral skirt. These cute fluffy boots complete the elegant outfit.

Flirty date night outfits

I changed up my jewelry to these simple and delicate hooped earrings. 

Black turtleneck sweater and jeans

6. Turtleneck sweater and jeans

Next, I'm pairing a cashmere turtleneck sweater with jeans for a more casual look, plus black boots. 

Casual Valentine's Day outfit

The hoops look good with this outfit, but I decided to go for simple jewelry instead, with these delicate earrings and a necklace.

Layering a date night outfit with a denim jacket

If you need an extra layer for warmth, you can add an oversized denim jacket. 

Heartbreaker jacket for Valentine's Day

Uhoh! This jacket says "Heartbreaker" on the back! Not sure if I want to be that person on Valentine's Day!

Cropped black sweater and jeans

7. Cropped sweater and jeans

I thought this cropped sweater would also be good for a casual look.

Classy date night outfits

Then, I added the denim jacket over the top, across my shoulders, for a more playful look.

Classy date night outfits

There you have it: six classy date night outfits to spruce up your style! You have everything here, from casual to flirty. So, what’s your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments below! 

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