Halloween Outfits That Aren’t Costumes

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

Halloween is upon us, and while your social media feed may be filling up with costume ideas and scary makeup tricks, there are times you want to look festive for Halloween but not wear a costume. Maybe you’re going to a pumpkin patch, a fall festival, or just a friendly get together with friends and you’re in the spooky spirit, but wearing a costume isn’t entirely appropriate or you want to look festive but not go as a character. By picking up a few pieces or shopping your closet, you can create a bewitching outfit that hits the right seasonal note.

Here are some ideas for festive Halloween outfits that aren’t costumes

Wear Halloween Colors of Orange and Black

If there was a color combination that screams Halloween, it’s orange and black. The color of Jack o Lanterns, this high-contrast combo never fails for Halloween vibes. You can also throw purple in for good measure, as it’s become the color of witches and darkness. But an orange and black outfit will instantly make a Halloween statement while still being subtle. Try for separates in black and autumnal orange, which can range from bright orange to darker rust tones.  Shop orange top.

Wear a Halloween-themed Graphic T-shirt and Jewelry

You can be a little more on-the-nose with your Halloween outfit, but still casual and not in costume by just wearing a graphic t-shirt with a Halloween image – pumpkins, black cats, and even movie themes like “Beetlejuice,” “Hocus Pocus” or horror films can fit the bill. Add a little more sparkle with some Halloween jewelry, such as earrings or brooches with ghosts or spiders.  Shop Halloween t-shirts.

Wear Gothic Style Without Looking Like a Witch

Goth was an underground music and fashion movement that began in the ‘80s and celebrated all things on the dark side. From brooding death rock music soundtracks to wearing all-black wardrobes that derive from Victorian, vampiric and witchy inspirations while wearing pasty white makeup, heavy black eyeliner and black lipstick. But you don’t have to go full goth to draw a little from this intriguing style. Think of the alluring Morticia Addams as your inspiration, and go with a long black skirt or dress with a little bit of draping, lace or bell sleeves. I pulled on a black maxi skirt, a black long-sleeve shirt and layered a lace top over it for a fringy, draping effect.  Shop black bell-sleeve top.

Wear Dark Academia Style

The dark academia aesthetic has taken off on social media in the past few years. Like goth, this subculture revolves around the darker side of life but in a more studious way. Pulling inspiration from English and Ivy League boarding schools and ancient literature, think goth goes to university with layers of dark-colored clothing in rich textures such as plaid, tweed, cashmere and wool. Plaid skirts, trousers or pinafores with a velvet blazer and romantic ruffle shirt or prime turtleneck will hit the spot.  Shop plaid pinafore dress.

So now that you know some festive Halloween outfits that aren’t costumes, which one will you wear to your next event?

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