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I like to think out of the box when it comes to fashion. Right now thrift and even some retail stores are trying to get rid of their excess Halloween costumes and most are 50% off. It's a great time to find unique, homemade, and vintage pieces that you can repurpose into fun outfits!

Most retail costumes are flimsy, but at thrift stores, many quality vintage and homemade pieces are put into the "Halloween" aisle simply because they are unusual or over the top, both of which are my personal taste. It's my favorite time of year to shop these stores just for the fun pieces I find. It's a fun style challenge to see how you can turn a costume into an outfit.

This thrited $5 jacket is what I believe to be a piece of an Arya Stark costume from Game Of Thrones. The tag is from Halloweencostumes.com. A lot of thrifted costumes are missing pieces and as a result, they are discounted. The jacket is faux leather but thicker than most costumes. I liked the unique print and lace-up detail.

By pairing it with a vintage cabbie hat as well as vintage croc boots it is a fun date night outfit.

Here you can see a side view of the lace-up shoulder detail.

I got soo many compliments on this. No one would have guessed it was originally a costume.

Outfit 2- A $10 saddle blanket with a neckline already sewn in to make it a poncho. I love when I don't have to do any work to a Halloween find.

This is a high quality blanket, I am glad the neckline was already done, I don't think I would have had the heart to cut up such a pretty blanket. This is not a hard project to recreate. Folding the blanket in half and then cutting in a V neckline in the center, and adding trim.

The poncho is just too bulky for me so I wanted to wear it as a dress. With the poncho on, I folded in the front sides to my frame size.

I then put a large concho belt around my waist but not on the back of the poncho so the back would hang almost like a cape. I wore a black cami and leggings underneath it.

It made a unique western style outfit.

Amazon sells similar blankets if you wanted to recreate your own.

Outfit 3- This $7.50 oversized bow shirt from Goodwill was brand new with its original tags. What some think are costumes are actually not lol. This is why I love shopping the thrift racks around Halloween.

I paired it with a faux leather maxi skirt and a double-breasted vest. I like exaggerated bows so this top was right down my alley.

Without the vest you can see the top more clearly. I put a strapless cami under it.

A clearance $11 Walmart hat and BeBe oxford heels add to the whimsy of this outfit. I am always surprised each year by what I find on the Halloween thrift racks. 3 one of a kind outfits for under $25!

This top is very similar to mine at shiein.com

Here is another similar without the polka dots on Amazon

Don't be afraid to try things you wouldn't normally wear, your new favorite style might be waiting out there for you!



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  • Christina Christina on Nov 03, 2022

    OMG! Outfit #2 just inspired me!!! I have something so similar in my closet and I've been struggling to find a way to wear it but the belt and taking it western is just 😍

  • Leslie Leslie on Nov 07, 2022

    HI Eden, Lovely. I especially like what you did with the jacket. If you do not do this for a living for people you should :)