4 Smart Casual Outfit Ideas That AREN'T Boring

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel that every outfit looks kind of similar and boring.

Here we’re going to change that because I have some smart casual outfit ideas to show you.

These looks will help you break out of the fashion rut you might be stuck in!

Boxy jacket

1. Boxy jacket

For the first look, I went with a pair of baggy jeans. In really cold weather I would wear a pair of leggings underneath as well.

Up on top, I started with a simple black turtleneck. The key to creating cute outfits during winter is to keep adding thin layers.

This will keep you warm but will also stop you from looking bulky. On top of that, I added a cozy gray sweater.

Boxy jacket

The outer layer - a stylish black jacket - is my favorite part of the look. It’s in a boxy fit and feels a bit like a blazer.

Faux leather jacket

2. Faux leather jacket

Here I’ve gone for the same base with the baggy jeans and black turtleneck, but by changing up the outerwear, I’ve completely transformed the vibe.

I’m wearing a faux leather jacket which is such a cool take on a trench coat, it's just so classic and simple but so edgy at the same time.

To accessorize, I added some trendy shades and a black and white checkered nylon bag which adds a touch of print to the outfit.

Knit sweater

3. Knit sweater

For the next outfit, I changed the turtleneck for a scoop neck top, and over the top, I layered a cream knit sweater which I wish you could touch because it’s so soft.

On the bottom, I went for a pair of wide-leg pants in gray and I love the combination of the cream and the gray together - it creates a really elevated aesthetic.

Tucking in the sweater and adding a belt gives me some definition around the waist.

Knit sweater

On colder days, you can layer a snug wool jacket over the top. A jacket like this is a timeless piece that you can fall back on for many years to come.

4. Black base

For the next outfit, I’ve gone for a cashmere short-sleeve knit top and I paired them with black wide-leg jeans.

On my feet, I’m wearing a pair of loafers and I also added a belt. With this simple base, I’ve created two completely different outfits.

Black base outfit

The first option is to go for a beautiful black and white knit cardigan.

Of course, ensure that it is soft and comfortable. This is such a great outfit for that transitional weather when it's not as cold, and you need a layer that you can easily put on or take off.

Black base outfit

This looks so elevated and put-together.

Beige jacket

The other option with your black base is this cozy beige cross-over jacket that comes with a little pin that allows you to close it. I’ve also paired it with a beige scarf.

Black base outfit with beige jacket

You can also remove the pin for a nice open look with the jacket creating these beautiful wide lapels.

Smart casual outfit ideas

There we have my smart casual outfits, which I hope you can agree are not boring in the slightest.

You can now go out with complete confidence in your clothing choices.

Which look is your favorite? Comment down below.

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