10 Realistic Hot Summer Outfits For Super-Sweaty Weather

by Alexa

Sweaty ladies - this style guide is for you. Recently I went on holiday, and it was HOT. It really struck me that a lot of my “summer outfits” aren’t actually so summer-appropriate, so I figured I would make a dedicated hot summer outfits lookbook.

Maxi skirt and chiffon sleeves

1. Dressed-up maxi skirt

Up first is a maxi skirt because summer is the time that these skirts shine.

I don’t always like going for a short skirt because if I’m out and about or going in and out of the car, I don’t want my butt touching the hot leather seats. The slit in this skirt is great because it gives it some nice airflow.

I wanted to show you the skirt dressed up a little bit. Even if it’s really hot and you are sweating, you can still look cute.

The puffy sleeves are tulle/chiffon, so they’re really lightweight and breathable. The best part is that if you are an underarm sweater like I am, you’re not going to see it as much.

I always struggled wearing colors because I knew my pits were going to be sweaty, so wearing something with chiffon sleeves is going to be your best friend.

Hot summer outfit ideas

2. Casual maxi skirt

This is a more casual outfit using the skirt. It gives me “farmers market” type vibes. When it’s hot I want my outfit to be very flowing, especially one with a slit that gives you some airflow. I then added some chunky sandals. 

Maxi skirt with a tied t-shirt

If you feel like you’d like some more shape in your outfit, you can tie up your t-shirt at the waist.

Hot weather outfits

3. Maxi dress

From maxi skirt to maxi dress. These are the perfect, essential summer dresses. You could wear it without a t-shirt under it; I just like the contrast and I also think that it makes it look a bit more casual.

With many of these outfits, I’m going very simple with the jewelry because when it’s hot, my body is sweaty, and it isn’t comfortable to wear a lot of necklaces or bracelets.

If you do sweat a lot, another tip is to go with clothing that has a lot of pattern and color on it, as this will make sweat marks less noticeable. 

Wearing a maxi dress as a long jacket

4. Maxi dress as a layer

Another great thing about this dress is that it is a full button-up. So, you have the option to leave it unbuttoned and use it as an added layer that isn't going to add too much weight onto your body.

I’ve paired it with a super straightforward outfit - some Bermuda style denim shorts and a white t-shirt. This is a great example of how you can take a really simple outfit and add some personality and color with the dress over the top.

Outfits for a hot day

5. Bermuda shorts

These Bermuda shorts are perfect for me and have that vintage feel to them. I wanted to add an accessory without overheating so I went for a belt. Brown with blue is such a good color combination.

Up on top, I’m wearing a ribbed detail tank top and tucked it into the shorts.

Short shorts with a ruched crop top

6. Short shorts

The next style of shorts are ones in a shorter style. I really like that they aren’t distressed at the bottom because cuffs make it look smarter.

The top is ruched in the middle which allows you to either pull the strings down so it’s more of a t-shirt or pull them up for more of a cropped effect.

How to wear jeans on a hot day

7. Jeans

Here I have styled jeans with a bathing suit top. I have only recently gotten into styling bathing suit tops as tops and I love it! I really like the pastel colors with the funky swirly, paisley print pattern and I think that it goes really well with the jeans.

Cute outfits to wear on a hot day

8. Checkered pants

These pants are great for hot weather because they’re so thin. I went for a very simple look here, pairing them with a white shirt. This is definitely something I would wear to a picnic, wearing pants means that you can cross your legs and sit comfortably on the grass!

Short overalls outfit for the summer

9. Overalls

Short overalls are honestly the chef’s kiss of “it’s too freakin' hot, I don’t really care what I’m wearing.” I’m wearing a bralette underneath, but you could also go for a crop top or t-shirt. 

Wearing a corset in the summer

10. Corset

This last outfit may be a little unpopular but I think that corsets in the summertime can work. 

Realistic hot summer outfits

Especially because the back is usually a bit exposed and as long as you don’t tie it too tight, they’re actually very breathable. I paired the corset with a black silk skirt and a pearl headband which brings the outfit together.

Realistic hot summer outfits

There we have my hot summer outfit ideas, I hope you come away with some inspiration for how to dress in the summer. Let me know below if you have any other tips or tricks for dressing in the hot summer heat.

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