8 Cute Little Black Dress Outfit Ideas For All Occasions & Seasons

Holly Power
by Holly Power

In this style guide, I’m going to share with you eight little black dress outfit ideas. Little black dresses are a blank canvas, and there are an infinite number of ways in which you can style them. Whatever your vibe, whatever your aesthetic, you can create a bunch of trendy outfits that you’ll love.

Liittle black dress casual outfit

1. Little black dress streetwear 

For a simple and everyday look, I’ve added an army print jacket and a pair of black vans. This really is such an effortless look that you can pull together in an instant.

The army pattern on the jacket adds some nice print to this look. It’s always nice to have a mix of solid colors as well as prints and patterns in your outfits.

Little black dress with a cover-up

2. Slouchy and comfy

Here, I’ve kept the same sneakers but have switched out the jacket for a long and cozy cardigan. I’ve kept accessories minimal with some gold necklaces and a pair of hoop earrings. This outfit is great for days when you’re just lazing around and comfort comes first. 

Little black dress with a t-shirt underneath

3. Little black dress with a t-shirt

Here, I’ve added a layer underneath with a plain white tee. The great thing about a sleeveless dress like this is that you have the option to layer on top of it or underneath it.

Keeping this outfit black and white, I’m wearing a pair of simple white sneakers on my feet.

Little black dress with a button-down shirt

4. Little black dress with a button-down shirt

I’ve used a plain white shirt as my outer layer with this outfit and have made the whole look more interesting by tying it at the waist.

This has the effect of drawing attention to my waist and giving me a nice slim appearance. If you’ve never knotted your shirt at the waist before, here’s your chance to try something new!

Little black dress with high heels

5. Little black dress with high heels

Now time for something a bit more dressed up. Here, I’ve added a pair of open-toe black heels and a fitted black blazer, and we now have a sophisticated evening outfit. The monochrome element of this outfit makes it very flattering. 

What shoes should I wear with an LBD?

6. Black and brown

For a different evening wear look, choose another pair of heels that you love. Because this dress is black, it will literally go with any pair of shoes under the sun.

Here, I’ve opted for home strappy brown high heels. Over the top of the dress, I’ve thrown on a belted brown coat with a wide-open collar.

Little black dress with ankle booties

7. Casual monochrome

Layering a black t-shirt under the dress really transforms the appearance of the dress and gives it the illusion of having sleeves. I also added a pair of black tights that, as you can see, are slightly less opaque than the dress and top.

When dressing in monochrome, a great tip is to include different shades of the color you’re working with. This stops your outfit from looking bland.

Little black dress winter outfit

8. Little black dress winter outfit

Last up, I’ve added a gray coat that falls just above the length of the skirt. This matching length looks really complementary and gives a proportional aesthetic.

To add some brightness to the look, I’m wearing a white scarf that looks nice against the dark elements in this outfit.

Little black dress outfit ideas

That’s how you can style a little black dress in eight different ways. Whether you want to go for something simple and casual or something more formal, you can style your dress to meet your needs.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors, textures, fits, and styles to reinvent your little black dress over and over again.

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