Style Hacks: Slip Dress

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by Style Talk

Tiktok has done it again and taught me more fun fashion hacks that I want to share with y’all! This time it’s changing up your plan Jane slip dress! Lets give it a little shape or make it into a top!

Here is this linen blend shift dress that is pretty shapeless.

Let’s grab some fabric from the inside right under the bust line and tie it using a hair tie or a rubber band. It should look like this, then just let the dress fall back down.

And this is what we get! A “tie/ruched” effect at the smallest part of the waist. You can use this trick for any Shapless style dress. 😉

Now let’s make it a top. Grab one side, take the strap down and tuck user as to flip inside out. Then bring the strap back up.

As you bring the strap up flip the fabric to the correct side while making a billowing twist effect, then pull arm back threw and put strap back on.

Tada! You get a super cute twist front and back flowy crop top.

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