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Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

You don't have to be wealthy to achieve an elegant aesthetic. There are many simple tricks you can use in order to look more polished, poised and put-together. Elegance is as much in the mindset as it is the clothes you put on your body.

Wear a Dress.

It sounds simple and that's because it is! If you wear a dress, especially a maxi or midi, you will get complimented on it. Most people wear t-shirts, jeans and trainers on an everyday basis so opting for a lovely, feminine dress will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

There is absolutely no reason to spend a lot of money on your dresses. In fact, it's advisable to go more down the affordable route because your day dresses will need washing frequently and you don't want to have to go to the dry-cleaner every time you want to wear them! This dress from Zara is a beautiful option for everyday.

Hunt Down Classic, Figure-Flattering Pieces in Budget-Friendly Stores.

The above beachwear look is entirely made up of affordable pieces. The swimsuit was in the NEXT sale a while back, the hat is from Amazon and the cover-up is from - can you guess? - Primark. My jaw dropped when I saw this beautiful lacy robe in Primark. It is a neutral, universally flattering colour and it makes a statement without looking anywhere near as cheap as it was.

The other thing that all of these items have in common is that I absolutely love every one of them. The swimsuit and the cover-up both make me feel amazing about my figure, and the hat makes me smile every time I see it. You can't put a price on that!

Speaking of Hats...

There is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful sunhat. Of course, we don't mean bucket hats or baseball caps. You wouldn't catch Audrey Hepburn wearing those in My Fair Lady! For summer, a straw hat will look spectacular and will keep the sun from damaging your skin. In the colder months, a fedora looks so elegant and chic.

Only Wear Things You Love.

We've touched on this already, but it really is so important to have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that you are absolutely, 100%, in love with.

That doesn't just mean saying, 'Ooh,' when you saw it on the hanger or on the website. It means fitting you properly so that you feel comfortable and confident every time you put it on. It means not worrying if people will look at you when you're wearing something a bit "different", because you love the item so much that it doesn't matter what they think. It means smiling to yourself every time you see it hanging in your wardrobe.

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